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26 January 2021

AULA creates the largest educational community and extends its activities throughout the year

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• This new event was designed to promote interaction among all educational community agents the 365 days of the year, with the aim to generate a flow of synergy between projects, audience globalisation and the exchange of knowledge and experiences with other countries. • Among this extensive program is the Educational Guidance Month, running from 17 March to 17 April

IFEMA is doing everything possible to incorporate all technological resources into its events and it is committed to the opportunities afforded by the digital transformation. One of the main projects is led by EDUCATION WEEK, with AULA heading it as the largest event and national benchmark for Education. Its contribution throughout its lifetime has been and is still key in Spain for the professionalisation of educational guidance and to increase the quality and diversity of teaching in all stages of education.

For this reason, AULA, along with the other events comprised within EDUCATION WEEK (the International Higher Education and Ongoing Education Fair, the RED Congress, SCHOOLS DAY and EXPOELEARNING, as well as SIMO EDUCATION), is preparing a huge global event, during this exceptional year, to create the largest community and professional and institutional network on the world of Education ever seen. This is thanks to the advantages provided by the new digital platform based on artificial intelligence technology that will allow, based on an also exceptional edition, to open the gate to future editions, breaking away from seasonality, extending its activity and contact management to year-round and globalising its content, interactions and projects by affording access to communities from other countries, especially Latin America.

These advantages and opportunities will be boosted by the solid institutional backing from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and from the various public and private agencies in the Education sector, as well as by the efforts being made to promote the educational community. The aim is to generate synergies between projects, new leads for companies, the internationalisation of our audiences and to increase the capabilities to create projects in other countries, such as the now consolidated EDUCATION WEEK of Mexico.

Dozens of activities will be scheduled throughout the year, which will encourage innovation and a constant review of content and media to offer all sector agents a truly valuable platform. Among these is the Educational Guidance Month, running from the 17 March to the 17 April, thus expanding the prior days from the initially planned 4 sessions.

Inscriptions will soon open for EDUCATION WEEK and its training events through the AULA website, which will enable participation and watching from anywhere in the world.

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