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12 July 2018

The 2019 EDUCATION WEEK expands its educational offering

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The RED Congress on Educational Innovation will focus on Training in STEAM Competences: Science and Technology

Once again IFEMA will bring together the educational community, from the 27th to the 31st March, for the sixth edition of the 2019 EDUCATION WEEK. Considered by the various agents and groups involved in teaching activities as a value added tool to guide students in their training, it will host the 27th International Educational Opportunities Exhibition, AULA; the 23rd International Educational Equipment and Teaching Resources and II Teaching Resources Congress, INTERDIDAC Congress; the 10th International Higher Education and Ongoing Training Fair; the 18th International Congress and Professional Fair EXPOELEARNING and the second SCHOOLS DAY “Families and Schools Day”. The latter, which was held on a Saturday in 2018, will extend this year to Sunday the 31st March, until 3:00 pm, to coincide with the closing ceremony of AULA 2019. The latter Fair was promoted, from the beginning, by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

The next edition of EDUCATION WEEK will kick off with the guarantee of success recorded in the last edition, which took place from the 28th February to the 4th March 2018, recording a total of 146,415 participants, between professionals and public, which was a growth of 7.56 per cent compared to 2017, and brought together 423 companies, institutions and entities, from 12 countries and 282 activities. These numbers confirmed once again that EDUCATION WEEK is Spain’s main trade fair for the education sector.

Vocational Training will have its own specific area within the fair. The organisation is working on designing participative activities that will help students contemplate this option and to connect to the job market through the Fair's education orientation section.

Its extensive offer, carefully divided into sections to make it easier to visit, is what contributes to EDUCATION WEEK’s position as Spain’s most comprehensive exhibition for the education world. Another feature that sets it apart from other events of this kind is the orientation aspect, which is provided both from the stands themselves and through the various areas especially set up for this purpose.

EDUCATION WEEK is also a very interactive Fair, containing several areas to assist participants in their various needs. Thus, AULA will once again offer several areas on training and information, such as Aula Forum, an auditorium that will offer a busy schedule of talks, presentations and informative sessions; the VT Stage that will show exhibitions on professional activities; the Solidarity Classroom, an area managed by NGOs, foundations and entities aimed at providing information for students; the Music Square, where music performances are scheduled and the Robotic Classroom, which once again will inform students on the world of robotics by means of a comprehensive and attractive demonstrations program. AULA 2019 will again offer its Aula Experiences (free informative and participative activities) which were quite popular in the previous edition, as well as a wide variety of workshops, which are especially interesting to the public attending the Fair, comprised of students, orientation counsellors, parents, teachers and headmasters of education centres.

The 10th INTERNATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION AND ONGOING TRAINING FAIR focuses on the importance of specialised training and learning throughout life, which has become a job requirement.

It will host activities pertaining to second and third cycle training, ongoing training and will promote entrepreneurship and youth employment in its OPEN CAMPUS; SOCIAL GREEN and Employment Orientation areas.

The International Educational Equipment Show and the new Teaching Resources Congress, INTERDIDAC Congress RED

One of the main novelties of the next edition of EDUCATION WEEK is that the RED Congress on Educational Innovation will focus on training in STE(A)M Competences: Science and Technology. STE(A)M is the acronym from the initials of the five curricular areas: Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Mathematics. Satisfying the STEAM methodology requirements entails thoughtful planning and an education methodology that places the student as the main element. The Fair is working on incorporating STE(A)M themes in the development areas of the event. It will include content specially focused on teachers.

AEFOL will hold the 18th International EXPOELEARNING Congress alongside the EXPOLEARNING Professional Fair, which it organises with IFEMA, and a new edition of the specialised area EXPORRHH, -an event aimed at the world of digitalisation of administration, management, retention and selection of people, on the 28th and 29th of March 2019, at Feria de Madrid.

The main theme of EXPOELEARNING 2019 will be “Blockchain applied to e-learning”. There will be a special focus on the opportunities that BC blockchain technology provides for students and the education field.

For example, safe data transfer, certification of learning in the various fields where training is provided (formal, non-formal and informal), and improved individualised and adaptive learning.  BC will enable accreditation of the elements of a CV.

Diversified learning accreditation will enable certification of the elements of a CV and of academic achievements, thus promoting student mobility.

 In addition, EXPOELEARNING will host the First Health & E-learning conference and the II Symposium on Javier Fernández Aguado.
SCHOOLS DAY “Family and School Day”, which was held on the 3rd March under the theme “The school you are looking for is here”, provided families with a wide range of proposals to help them decide on the best school for their children to start out at, and was very well received. In 2019 it will again be a special focus and will extend until Sunday the 31st March. The area will include workshops specially designed for families, and educational recreational areas for pre-schoolers, as well as a free education orientation service.

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