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03 March 2020

EDUCATION WEEK 2020 is geared towards personalised guidance and educational proposals

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The largest event in Spain for the education world will be held from the 4 to 8 March 2020, at Feria de Madrid

The event will bring together 320 companies and organisations, from 20 countries, and at the same time it will host a conference programme with close to 350 activities

IFEMA will bring together the educational community, from the 4 to 8 March 2020, at Feria de Madrid for the seventh edition of EDUCATION WEEK 2020. Under the motto “Guide your future”, Spain's largest and most comprehensive event for the education world has become an important added value tool in guiding students in their learning. It will be hosting the 28th International Educational Opportunities Fair, AULA; the 24th International Educational Equipment Show and 3rd Teaching Resources Congress, INTERDIDAC RED Congress; the 11th International Higher Education and Ongoing Training Fair; the 19th International Congress and Professional Fair EXPOELEARNING and the third SCHOOLS DAY “Families and Schools Day” (Saturday, 7 March).

During this edition, EDUCATION WEEK 2020 will be promoting even more personalised consultancy, a preferential goal of the event that is held alongside the widest and most comprehensive variety of education proposals, with the aim to increase guidance for students, families and professionals. Spain’s main education event is backed by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and by the main education institutions and organisations that represent the education community in Spain and abroad. The event will bring together 320 companies and organisations, from 20 countries, and at the same time it will host a conference programme with close to 350 activities.

EDUCATION WEEK is ranked as the most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the teaching world in Spain, thanks to its ample offering by sectors, which simplifies visits, and to its high degree of interactivity, which benefits all visitors. The guidance that is provided at this event, both in the stands themselves and in the various areas set up for this purpose, is one of the main differentiating factors compared to other sector events.

The 28th edition of the International Educational Opportunities Fair, AULA 2020, will once again set up different areas to help students decide their training and professional future by means of the “AULA Experiences”, reinforcing the concepts that have been taught so far and focusing their efforts on cultural diversity and on equality. AULA 2020 will also have new AULA experiences, such as “Learn how to Program”. These are interactive activities, free of charge, especially suited for students, and on Saturday, 7 March 2020, also for their families. AULA will also host the fourth edition of the school competition for micro-stories “Living together is not a fairytale”. The event will take place within the EDUCATION WEEK 2020, organised by IFEMA, from the 4 to 8 March 2020, at Feria de Madrid.

The 11th INTERNATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION AND ONGOING TRAINING FAIR focuses on the importance of specialised training and learning throughout life, which has become a job requirement. Under the motto “Boost your future” the trade fair will provide the best tools to access the job market, to which end it will set up the OPEN CAMPUS TRAINING AND YOUTH EMPLOYMENT and the SOCIAL GREEN area, with the collaboration of the Higher Institute of the Environment, IMS. It will also bring together the most comprehensive offer of higher studies and ongoing training with an extensive programme of conferences, workshops and lectures, in addition to free activities related to training in the second and third cycles, ongoing training and the promotion of youth entrepreneurship and employment. New this year is a schedule of appointments between participating companies and visitors coming to the Fair seeking information.

The 24th International Educational Equipment Show INTERDIDAC Espacio R.E.D is a meeting area for the education sector professional; an area for meetings, discussions and critical thought for teachers and heads of schools and education community professionals, where they can share their experiences and knowledge on educational trends and news and best practises to promote equal opportunities in learning. “Neighbourhood Education” is a new proposal with “recipes” for teaching professionals that they can apply in their daily work.  This is an area where training will meet experience for teachers in new methodologies and resources for teaching - so that they can improve their work. The main goal of the Fair is to train and inspire teaching professionals by bringing educational resources to the teachers and centres that use them, through experiences.

EDUCATION WEEK will also host the 19th International Congress and Professional Fair EXPOELEARNING, with the main theme “Artificial intelligence and 5G applied to e-learning”. EXPOELEARNING is an international reference and meeting point for online training professionals and companies. Among other developments, the congress will show how the progress of AI and 5G, along with use of the highest technology, affects ongoing changes in the new learning methods and models, especially within company and university training. Professionals from 37 countries have registered for EXPOELEARNING.

The third edition of SCHOOLS DAY “Family and Schools Day”, will again become, on Saturday 7 March, the best meeting point for families and schools in Spain,in an area where education centres, camps and after-school activities centres, through workshops and activities, will show families what they have to offer.

Visitors and exhibitors at EDUCATION WEEK 2020 may benefit from significant discounts on flights operated by Iberia, which is now an official IFEMA partner; as well as the “Iberdrola electric charge parking”, the first public sustainable parking lot available in a trade fair facility in Spain, allowing for 34 electric vehicles to be charged simultaneously.

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