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28 October 2022

EDUCATION WEEK 2023 to emphasise art education

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The Organisers’ Committee consists of representatives from numerous institutions.

IFEMA MADRID will welcome participants from all Madrid's Universities to the Recinto Ferial from 22 to 26 March 2023

The Organisers’ Committee of the eighth edition of EDUCATION WEEK 2023 was formed on 19 October. The event, in which all Madrid’s Universities and the National Distance Education University (UNED) will participate, is organised by IFEMA MADRID, and will take place at the Recinto Ferial from 22 to 26 March 2023.

Chaired by the State Minister of Education and with representatives of all the main educational bodies and institutions, the Organisers’ Committee outlined the contents and objectives of the 2023 congress. This time, in line with UNESCO’s objectives, the event will highlight Art Education, recognising potential of creativity as a key resource for sustainable development. The approach will contribute to inclusive, high-quality education, continuing with the theme of the 2022 edition, when it focused on education inside and outside the classroom, and attracted 117,824 visitors, 275 companies, institutions, and entities from all Spain’s Autonomous Communities and 24 countries, with 200 activities.

Through workshops, interactive areas for students and families, and faculty meetings, the aim is to foster collective reflection on the contributions of artistic and cultural education to provide more comprehensive, high-quality education. It also seeks to contribute to the promotion of art and artists, projecting the work of educational centres, students, and teachers in the field of artistic education. In fact, "For the love of art": Culture, Diversity and Peace” will be the umbrella that will host the wide programme of workshops and activities promoting the arts in the educational environment.

Artistic education

The members of the Organising Committee will collaborate with exhibitors from the different exhibitions making up EDUCATION WEEK, conducting activities and promoting the participation of the groups they represent. As well as making art education the priority subject of this edition, continuity will be given to the traditional areas and areas of EDUCATION WEEK, which are educational guidance - EDUCATION WEEK offers outstanding guidance to young people in search of an academic and professional path - which will have a specific space for art at this edition.

The STEM contents of the Fair, aimed at encouraging students' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics has been tweaked to include the "A", of art education to spell out STE(A)M showing how science and technology are interpreted through the arts and promoting collaborative work and dialogue between disciplines.

STEAM will be accompanied by the specialised areas of EDUCATION WEEK, such as Educational Coexistence, Equality, Educational Robotics and Programming; contests and prizes, as the VII CONVIVIR NO ES UN CUENTO Competition in collaboration with the Spanish Organization for Children and Young People's Literature… which, together with the wide schedule of round table discussions, conferences, presentations, and the latest exhibitions offer, will be of great interest to those seeking potential academic and professional guidance and, in general, to all professionals in the education sector.

Vocational training, lifelong learning

Vocational training is a lever of economic and social transformation that merits the special focus it will receive during EDUCATION WEEK, reinforcing content and guidance around arts and crafts, with particular emphasis on vocational training and employment, raising awareness of sectors offering job opportunities in the coming years, and also helping to break stereotypes.

EDUCATION WEEK has also been gathering the growing interest in lifelong learning related training.

Digital identities:

There will be a space for reflection on the subject of our identities on social networks, which require self-knowledge and self-analysis, framed by the guarantee of digital human rights (UN).

All of this will be available again on the DIGITAL LIVE CONNECT platform, which allows the entire education community to stay connected 365 days a year.

EDUCATION WEEK and its component events: the 31st International Education Opportunities Exhibition, (AULA); the 27th International Educational Equipment and Teaching Resources Show and 5th Congress of Educational Resources, INTERDIDAC Espacio R.E.D.; the 14th International POSTGRADUATE AND CONTINUING EDUCATION Exhibition; The XXI International Congress and Professional Fair EXPOELEARNING, and the fourth edition of SCHOOLS DAY “Family and Schools Day”; as well as MADRID IS SCIENCE, organised by the Community of Madrid and the Madrid+D Foundation, confirm this as the largest educational event in Spain.

The Organiser’s Committee for EDUCATION WEEK is made up of representatives of the main institutions and entities in Spanish Education: the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training - through the State Secretariat for Education, the State School Council, and the General Secretariat for Vocational Training; the Ministry of Universities, through its General Secretariat for Universities; the Women's Institute, IMS, attached to the Ministry of Equality; the Community of Madrid, represented by the Vice-Ministry of Universities, Science and Innovation; the General Directorate of Universities and Higher Art Education; the General Directorate of Secondary Education and Vocational Training and Special Education, and the Fundación para el Conocimiento Madri+D-; Spanish Confederation of Student Parents' Associations (CEAPA); the National Catholic Confederation of Parents and Parents of Students (CONCAPA); the State Confederation of Student Associations (CANAE); Association of Private and Independent Schools (CICAE); Catholic Schools (CICAE); Spanish Association of Private Schools (ACADE); the Spanish Association of Guidance and Psychopedagogy  (AEOP);  Spanish Confederation of Schools (CECE); Confederation of Parents of Students (COFAPA); Spanish Universities (CRUE); Promotion of Schools; and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP).

More information on the Education Week website.