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21 March 2019

Launch of the expert solution for the recommendation of jobs of the future and academic training, to people who do not know what to do for work or studies

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Singularity Experts was born with the purpose of helping all those students who do not know what to study or in what to work, confused by the speed of technology and the atomization of education.

Technology threatens to make hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. At the same time, new ones are created, which we do not even know exist. Education does not escape this revolution, thousands of regulated courses have become obsolete. At the same time, thousands of online courses on topics of the future that we do not know appear.

In this context, doubts arise in millions of students: What high school should I choose? Should I go to college or do an FP? What career is the ideal for me? What job will be better for me? What are the jobs of the future ?

To help students in this growing need, Singularity Experts identifies, through its website, the 10 jobs of the future that best suit their profile, the academic training routes they should study (degrees, FP , masters, MOOC's ...), and the soft skills that they should develop more for the future of work.

During the Fair, Singularity Experts will explain to us what this disruptive solution consists of:

1. An innovative profiling system that measures students in 50 dimensions: different types of intelligences, computational thinking, interests, values, emotional intelligence, personality, affinity for technologies, by sectors ...

2. An exclusive catalogue of 3000 jobs of the future, both technical and humanistical. Which all of them exist nowadays and all 100 por ciento of them have a highly guaranteed employability.

3. A proprietary artificial intelligence, which allows to generate connections between the possible combinations and infer the most appropriate ones for the student.

For more information, Singularity Experts will be located at booth 3E36 of the Fair.