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Since its foundation in 1729, the first champagne House has been able to gather expertise and audacity to create exceptional champagnes, based on the knowledge of Chardonnay grape. Unique caves to be acknowledged as National Monument in France and World Heritage of Unesco, Ruinart has become the champagne of the art world thanks to relations with artists such as Vik Muniz or its partnership with the best art fairs in the world.


Cervezas Alhambra presents, in collaboration with ARCO, the fourth edition of the Cervezas Alhambra Award for Emerging Art. An award in which, in addition to honouring artistic excellence, we will experience first-hand the work process, thus bringing art to a larger public. This work process will culminate in the production of a work made using craft techniques. Because craftsmanship is a territory that is closely linked to the brand, to our origins, to the way we make each of our beers, to our philosophy, to our values. A territory that, if worked under an artistic/conceptual perspective, we believe deserves to be elevated to the category of art.


Since 1993, illy has been strongly involved with the contemporary art world with the aim of spreading the company's commitment to sustainable growth of the international artistic community. Through the project of the illy Art Collection, more than 100 artists have used the iconic white cup as a canvass to make the experience of drinking coffee an unforgettable moment of pleasure and beauty, involving all senses and emotions. For illy, in constant search of excellence and beauty, offers the opportunity to give visibility to the art work done by artists from coffee producing countries with its illy SustainArt Prize in ARCO.



Iberia will be present again in the upcoming ARCO edition with ARCOlunch by IBERIA, a meeting place for national and international galleries, artists, collectors and other professionals linked to art. Art and travel come together again, fostering the connection of the talent that is born and built as the result of these encounters.

Iberia, through Talent on board initiative supports and spreads Spanish talent in any field or discipline, making it known all over the world.

Iberia is Spain’s largest airline and the leading carrier between Europe and Latin America. It belongs to the IAG group and is a member of the oneworld airline alliance. Its aim is simply to be the best choice for travel. Along with Iberia Express and Iberia Regional Air Nostrum, it flies from its Madrid hub to some 50 countries around the world. In addition to carrying passengers, Iberia has diversified into the air freight, aircraft maintenance, and airport handling services business.

So that its customers can fly with confidence, Iberia has implemented a full range of safety and hygiene measures at each point of the travel experience, earning four stars from Skytrax for its response to Covid-19, and ranking amongst the world’s ten safest airlines by the Safe Travel Barometer and Skytrax.


Launched in 1989, Lexus has become a reference brand throughout the world for its pursuit of perfection, the excellent quality of its products and highly sophisticated technology such as Lexus Hybrid Drive technology and for its unique concept of customer service.Further reinforcing traditional Lexus values such as its unmatched build quality, interior luxury and state-of-the-art technology, the L-finesse design philosophy, which represents a very important factor in the positioning of Lexus as a unique and desirable global brand .

Today, Lexus remains the first - and only - premium automaker in the world to offer a full range of hybrid vehicles with the CT 200h, IS 300h, NX 300h, RX 450h, LC 500h and newer models LS 500h, RX 450h L, ES 300h, UX 250h and UX 300e. In Spain, the Lexus hybrid range already represents 100% of the brand's total sales.




AUARA is a Social Enterprise that works against the hardest poverty that exists: the lack of drinking water that affects more than 700 million people. AUARA invest 100% of their dividends in projects to ensure clean water access in developing communities, selling, amazing and sustainable products. AUARA has been the first water Brand in Europe to produce its bottles with 100% recycled material. Instead of producing new plastic, they give a second life to the one already existing avoiding post-consume plastic to end up in nature.


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