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Agronatur Ingenieros, S.L. was born in Madrid in 1993. From the beginning we have focused on the realization of gardening and landscaping projects and on their execution, both at a private level in gardens of medium / large-size single-family homes, as well as in Communities of Owners.

In the execution of our gardens we take care of the entire work in full, including Earthworks, Installation of Automatic Irrigation Systems, Exterior Civil Works, Lighting, Plantations, Enclosures, etc.

Other activities that we carry out are the assembly of ephemeral architecture spaces at Fairs, Events, Presentations, etc., in which decision-making capacity and speed of execution prevail.

The collaboration of Agronatur Ingenieros in ARCO Madrid will be in the assembly of the VIP room, in which, following the project designed by the architecture studio, we will create a grove of birch trees of different sizes among which the public will pass. Birch is an elegant tree with a trunk with whitish bark, shiny leaves and pendulous branches, which will make the VIP room a benchmark at the fair.