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  SICUR celebrates an edition with more businesses present, new features and secure solutions

Foto SICUR celebrates an edition with more businesses present, new features and secure solutions

The event, which is experiencing growth in all its parameters, will showcase the latest advances and proposals of 1,350 companies, of which 560 are participating directly, an increase of 12%

The international presence at this event will also be greater, having increased by 23% due to the participation of some 100 companies from 22 countries.

Organised by IFEMA, SICUR will be held between 23-26 February at the Feria de Madrid.

SICUR 2016, the leading international comprehensive security event in Spain, will return to the Feria de Madrid between 23-26 February. The event, which is organised by IFEMA, is experiencing growth in all its parameters,. It will once again bring together security companies, associations, professionals and users in a setting with a high level of sectoral representation and offer a global perspective of the latest technological innovations, systems and solutions in the field of prevention and protection.

On this occasion, SICUR will showcase the proposals of 1,350 companies, of which 560 are participating directly, an increase of 12% from the last edition. The international presence will also be greater, having increased by 23% due to the participation of some 100 companies from 22 countries.

The proposals on offer at SICUR will provide a complete overview of the world of security and its differing fields. The Fire-Fighting and Emergency Safety sector, made up of companies specialising in active and passive fire protection, and solutions to improve emergency response; the so-called Safety sector, which will provide information on innovative approaches characterised by technological advances designed to protect property and lives; Work Safety, with the latest in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), as well as preventive measures and occupational health; and the Defence sector, which will host the companies that supply products to the maritime, aeronautical and space-related sectors, weapons, electronic and software solutions, land vehicles, auxiliary industry and other developments produced for the civilian market tht have adapted to the field of Defence.

Another notable characteristic of this edition will be the presence of all of the State Security Forces and Agencies. In addition to the participation of the Civil Guard and the National Police Force, there will be stands for the Mossos d’Esquadra and Ertxainza, as well as other public bodies, such as the Military Emergency Unit (MEU) and various fire brigades, and the participation of INTA, among others.

SICUR forum
SICUR will be complemented by a variety of activities that will provide the trade fair with dynamic content of general interest and specialist knowledge that, over the course of four days, will place the world of security in a position of the utmost importance. Sicur Forum will include lectures that will cover cross-cutting issues of interest to safety users from all sectors with a very dynamic, discussion-oriented format.

Among the topics that will be highlighted in the Fire Prevention sector are forest fires, FP regulations and the proper implementation of fire extinguishing systems in the different sessions organised, respectively, by TECNIFUEGO-AESPI, the Spanish Fire Protection Association; APICI, the Professional Association of Fire Protection Engineering and CEPREVEN, the Research Association for the Safety of Property and Lives.

Sicur Forum will also devote two sessions to topics of the utmost importance for the world of fire-fighters. Reference will be made to the need for the Spanish State to create legislative measures for Fire Brigades on the one hand and, on the other, the specific occupational risk prevention needs of this profession. Organisations that represent the world of fire-fighters will participate in these sessions, such as the APTB, the Professional Association of Fire Fighting Technicians; ASELF, the Spanish Association for Fire Prevention; CONBÉ, the Association of Fire-Fighting Consortia and Services in Spain, and CUPB, the Coordinating Unit of Professional Fire-fighters, in addition to the trade unions Comisiones Obreras (Workers' Commissions) and UGT.

In terms of the topics related to Safety at Work, a talk will be given about occupational health from the viewpoint of emotional well-being; proposals will be analysed in light of the 20 years of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law, and there will be a discussion on the new PPE regulation. Fundación Mapfre, INSHT, ASEPAL (Association of Personal Protection Equipment Companies); AESPLA, (Spanish Association of Occupational Prevention Services); AMAT (Association of Mutual Funds for Accidents at Work), and (National Association of Accredited Preventive Entities), ASPA (Federation of External Prevention Services); ASPREM (Association of Prevention Companies of Mutual Funds for Accidents at Work), and ANEPA, National Association of Accredited Preventive Entities, have participated in the organisation of these sessions.

In addition, in collaboration with AES, the Spanish Association of Security Companies; APROSER, the Professional Association of Private Security Service Companies; ASIS International; Efitec Forum, and ISMS Forum, topics will be covered including cybersecurity; on data protection and the Internet of things; a talk-debate will be held on the return on investment from security with a focus on Cultural Heritage; hospital security will be discussed; from the Observatory of Comprehensive Security at Medical Centres; security at evening entertainment events and musical performances, in the session that is organised by Madrid Noche; new scenarios and risks will be dealt with, such as the jihadist threat, technological advances, drones, etc., and security at large sporting events will also be discussed, as well as border management, among other topics. In addition to these events, there will be those organised by INTA, about Cyberdefence and emergency operations in the event of a CBRN incident and various sessions on security at the local level by ANJEPOL (National Association of Local Police Chiefs) and UNIJEPOL (National Union Local Police Chiefs and Officers).

SICUR 2016 will also be the setting of two International Conferences on TechnologyTransfer, organised by the madri+d Foundation for Knowledge and the CDTI, Centre for Industrial Technological Development, with the aim of improving communication and meetings between companies, research centres and universities in the sector.

New Products Gallery
The SICUR New Products Gallery brings together a selection of innovative systems and solutions revolving around security, with the aim of recognising and promoting the research, development and innovation work that is carried out by companies in the sector. This year, 41 cutting-edge proposals will be on display, out of the more than 80 proposals that were submitted to this new edition, of which 21 products have to do with Safety at Work, six with Fire Prevention and Emergencies, and 14 with Security.

A veritable showcase of innovative proposals presenting the latest in design, ergonomics, new fabrics and materials; cutting-edge solutions to prevent and extinguish fires, as well as state-of-the-art technologies in the field of cameras, video analyses, communication equipment, alarm centres, integrated management systems, control systems and elements to enhance traffic security, among others, all serve to provide an interesting insight into the lines of progress on which the sector is working.


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