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Advantages of Participating

In recent years, fairs have consolidated their position as one of the most powerful and effective marketing tools, as has been underscored by the ongoing growth in this activity. Below you will find an extract from a leaflet created by the AFE (Association of Spanish Fairs) which sums up all the arguments which invite you to actively participate in these trade events.

Trade fairs.

  • Are the most economic and efficient way to win market share.
  • Constitute the most complete communication tool where direct, face to face interaction takes place between the buyer and the seller and the five senses are put into operation.
  • Allow the obtainment of a high volume of information in a short period of time.
  • Are the ideal place to establish business contacts: to meet up with regular customers and to win over new clients, offering new services and/or products.
  • Enable you to monitor the degree of satisfaction of real or potential customers with your products compared to those of competitors.
  • Provide on-the-spot feedback on the introduction of new products and/or improvements in existing ones.
  • Make a considerable impact on the purchase decision-making process.
  • Are fundamental for seeking out export opportunities. Trade fairs provide access to the international market at the best price. They are a real platform for corporate internationalisation strategies.
  • Help to reinforce corporate images.
  • Provide a unique opportunity for identifying potential suppliers, sub-contractors, agents, importers and distributors.
  • Allow you to get a clear idea about competition: who they are and what the position of your company is compared to theirs. They also allow you to get to know your competition's customers.
  • Facilitate research on your company's price policy compared to that of the competition.
  • Are the best way to sound out the market, to find out about current and future trends.
  • Provide an excellent opportunity for commenting on problems and new trends with other trade visitors in the sector. Enable participation in days and parallel events which help to assess market development and its trends.