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Consultancy Box


Madrid Childcare reinforces its commitment to retail with the Consultancy Box.

The service will be available during Childcare Madrid, from the 1st to the 4th of October at the Madrid Fair, offering an opportunity for invited members of the Buyers Programme to make use of a free consultancy service during the whole time the fair is being held. Providing a personalised, professional service it will be there offering support to each point of sale in order to improve their business.




As an introduction to the benefits of the Consultancy Box service at Childcare Madrid, which will be on offer during the trade fair itself, during the months running up to the event, sellers can access information and familiarise themselves with some of the basics through the web. The aim is to help sellers understand the need to update their concepts of ‘shops’ and thereby make bigger profits.  The web is designed to be an interesting place to find knowledge, where buyers can find new, relevant, articles from July through to October by Victor Valencia, the expert sales consultant and CEO of ENTORNO & ESTRATEGIA (EVIRONMENT AND STRATEGY).

Some of the areas to be explored are:

  • How to reap more benefits and profits from your business
  • Light, colour, scent...your POS at full potential
  • Traffic, the key to maximising your sales
  • Doing a mid-year balance – what we have/what we lost, or what we should have had
  • Strategic plan 2015/2016 – keep moving this summer
  • You need to reinvent yourself in order to grow
  • We’re here to help you


The Consultancy Box at Madrid Childcare will offer each point of sale the chance to improve their business in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Marketing and sales
  • Networks and Web sites
  • Renovations and spaces
  • Implementation
  • POS communication


Conditions for participation in the Consultancy Box at Madrid Childcare:

  • Advice service aimed at specialist, multi-brand businesses with actual shops.
  • First consultancy free during the fair for the members of the National Buyers Programme from Madrid Childcare 2015
  • Micro-sessions (maximum of half an hour per company)
  • Possibility of booking an appointment in advance

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