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  All the latest trends in the baby world, together at Puericultura Madrid 2017

Foto All the latest trends in the baby world, together at Puericultura Madrid 2017

The sixth edition of the International Childhood Products Trade Show, will take place from 5 to 8 October at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid. The fair will feature new collections and novelties from 315 leading exhibitors and brands, confirming its leadership in the Iberian Peninsula

The second edition of the Pasarela MIMO runway show will take place twice, on Friday, 6 October at 17.00 and on Saturday, 7 October at 12.00. This year’s show will feature a selection from collections by Chicco, Bebé Due, Bébécar, Anex, Jané, Saro, Tuc Tuc and Micuna, as well as the brands taking part in the Marca España group charity fashion show, coordinated by Asepri

The theme of this year’s Puericultura Madrid is child safety. Friday, 6 October has been designated “Child Safety Day”, and will include several workshops, conferences and panel discussions featuring renowned experts from RACE, AESVI and OCU

The Child Safety Showroom will be open for the duration of the fair, in collaboration with OCU. This mock-up of a child’s room, decorated by interior designers, will contain all the products at the fair that make up the baby universe. The space includes a product test laboratory for checking that all the items included comply with current safety standards. This year will see the début of Innoshow, a new concept that highlights new products and services by exhibitors in the field of innovation

Puericultura Madrid, the International Childhood Products Trade Show, the biggest showcase for the baby world and organised by IFEMA, will take place for the sixth time from 5 to 8 October at Feria de Madrid.

The latest version of this event, renowned as the best for the sector in the Iberian Peninsula, will welcome 315 exhibitors and leading industry brands to present new collections for the 2018 season. The extensive offer at the show includes the main manufacturers of strollers, prams and car seats; furniture and decorative items; bassinets and textiles; child safety, health and care items; food, hygiene and cosmetics; technical and electrical childcare, fashion, toys etc. …

Among the many companies and brands taking part in the sixth edition of Puericultura Madrid, are Jané, Chicco, Bébécar, Alondra, Asalvo, Baby Monsters, Babymoov, Babadulle, Bebé Due, Concord, Micuna, Miniland, Saro, Tuc Tuc, Silver Cross, Babyjörn, Be Cool, Tutete, Cam il Mondo del Bambino, El Bebé Aventurero, Millenium Baby, Innovaciones MS, Mutsy, Nici, Shom Roberto Verino, Tallytate, Uzturre U-Babies, Nûby, Peg Perego-Tavitoys and Recaro, among others.

Second edition of the MIMO MADRID fashion show
Parallel to the exhibition and in the wake of last year’s successful edition, Puericultura Madrid, will include the MIMO Madrid catwalk show, that will take place in the centre of Hall 3. There will be two opportunities to see it, the first on Friday 6 October at 17.00 and the second on Saturday, 7 October, at 12.00. Both sessions of the Pasarela MIMO will be an opportunity for visitors to see selected products by Chicco, Bebé Due, Bébécar, Anex, Jané, Saro, Tuc Tuc and Micuna, and those included in the Marca España Group Charitable Runway Show by Asepri (Alondra, Bebe Dué, Coimasa, Lil Ones and Tuc Tuc), that will take place later. This show is charitable, since IFEMA has waived the participation fee for brands, and Asepri will donate the corresponding amount to a charitable organisation that works to support children, in this case Juegaterapia.

This year’s Pasarela MIMO Madrid will be a dynamic space which, when not occupied by fashion shows, will be busy with training activities, meetings and demonstrations.

Child Safety Day at Puericultura Madrid
At this edition, much of the content of Puericultura Madrid focuses on Child Safety. The idea is to offer visitors - sector retailers- the competitive advantage of selling regulated, safe products to their customers.

With this aim in mind, a series of parallel activities have been scheduled - workshops, conferences and panel discussions - which will take place on Friday, 6 October, which has been designated “Child Safety Day”, and will take place on the MIMO runway. The show has also organised other initiatives in this area, which will be available throughout the event, such as the Child Safety Showroom and the Product Test Laboratory.

The Child Safety Showroom, in collaboration with OCU, User and Consumer Organisation, is one of the new additions to this edition. This consists of a mock-up of a child’s room, decorated by interior design professionals, and containing all the products at the fair that make up the baby universe and comply with current safety standards. The idea is to show retailers the importance of safety in baby items and to make safety a highly-valued aspect by consumers. What’s more, the new space is designed to show buyers the importance of buying products that comply with the applicable safety.

The showroom will also be used for meetings with buyers, window-dressing workshops and other fair activities. One of these activities is the Product Test Laboratory, organised by OCU with visiting buyers. The purpose is to show how the products featured in the Safety Showroom comply strictly with current safety regulations. What’s more, a Safety Expert from OCU will be there to answer visitors’ and exhibitors’ questions either in situ or by email. Likewise, among the items on display at the Child Safety Showroom, a group of influencers specialised in childcare will choose the best product from the safety show.

Innoshow, what’s new in the field of innovation
The sixth edition of Puericultura Madrid will also highlight innovation, which is considered a key aspect for the evolution of the sector. The 2017 edition of the fair introduces a new concept called Innoshow, which gives visibility and draws attention to exhibitor’s innovative products and services. To do this, a free dossier has been created for the media and buyers, which contains information about the innovations announced by exhibiting companies. This information is also available on the fair blog and is published on social networks. The dossier includes a recommended route around the exhibition to make things easier for visitors to see all the stands by companies taking part in the action. A total of 41 companies and 63 products have been included in this initiative.

The companies exhibiting at Puericultura Madrid 2017 in the Innoshow are Accoms, Bauba Style, Babymoov, BB Grenadine, Bebé Due, Bebe-llo, BTBox Bebes, Cefa Toys, Chicco, Colchones La Cigüeña, El Bebé Aventurero, Elvie, Grupo Olmitos, Haltho AG, Indepedent Marketing, Interbaby, Jané Group, JoyKids, Kangura Portabebes, Kusi Wawa, Lil Ones, Little Champions, Mantuki, Micuna, Millenium Baby, Nait Nait, Nici, Nûby, OCU, Peg Pérego-Tavitoys, Ponnyshop, Rivekids Technology, Rodatoys, Saro, Snug, Tallytate, Tigres, Tuc Tuc, Tutete, United Labels Ibérica and Yobio Crianza con Apego.

Flagship Product Gallery, a superb showcase
As well as all this, Puericultura Madrid 2017 will host a new edition of the Flagship Product Gallery, in an attractive display of the best products of 24 renowned brands. The brands and companies featured at this edition are: Emoi-Accoms, Childhome-Accoms, Eaw My BB-Air Val International, Chicco, Shom by Roberto Verino, Babymoov, Badabulle, Bebé Due, Bébécar, Trama-Bébécar, Ponny Shop, Concord, Jané, JoyKids, Ju-Ju-Be, Kusi Wawa, Micuna, Miniland Baby, Miss Garland, Nadó by Be Cool, Recaro, Rivekids Technology and Saro.

The point of sale, the main player
As is customary, Puericultura Madrid 2017 will do everything possible to help representatives from point of sale have an interesting and convenient time at the exhibition. To achieve this, the show has organised a new Guest Buyers’ Programme, inviting almost 600 guest national and international buyers, and issuing more than 1,000 managed invitations. Among other benefits, these invitations include accommodation in Madrid and the opportunity to appear in the Specialised Business Guide, which is published on the website.

The show also has different areas to enhance visitors’ experiences, with Wi-Fi areas and a children’s area where buyers can go with their kids. There is a breast-feeding room and a playroom equipped with exhibitors’ toys and some entertainment to keep them busy and happy for a while.

Sector figures
In 2016, the childcare product sector turned over more than 1,224 million euro, that is 1.7% more than in 2015, as set out in the study published by Asepri, the National Association of Children’s Products from Spain. Considering this data, the sustained growth in this sector has become consolidated in recent years.

The sector ended the 2016 financial period up 2.8% in exports, to more than 629.03 million euro. Exports were worth 51.4% of all turnover in 2016, showing the continuation of the upward trend that began the previous year, with exports outperforming domestic sales.

Europe is still the main market for Spanish childhood products, but the percentage fell slightly (73% compared to 79% in 2011), because of the lively behaviour of new markets, such as North America. Italy continues to be Spain’s biggest customer, buying a fifth of all exports, followed by Portugal (10%), Greece and the United Kingdom, each with 8%. Outside the EU, Mexico, Russia and the United States account for 14% of all exports.

By market segments, children’s fashion makes up 57% of sector exports, followed by Childcare, with almost 25.6%, 9.7% children’s footwear and 5.7% bassinet products.

This information contrasts with the slow recovery of the national market, hindered by economic instability and changes in consumer spending habits after the crisis. Therefore, in 2016 sales in the domestic market grew by 0.5% to €595.35 million, reaching the turnover registered in 2005.

In the sectors associated with Asepri, children's fashions sales in Spain accounted for 53.2% of national turnover, as opposed to 33.6% in childcare products, followed by footwear with 6.5%, textile products and bassinet with 6.1% and the rest corresponds to products for expectant mums. By types, children’s clothes made up 48.7% of the turnover of child fashion company sales, making it the most important product type. When it comes to childcare, the flagship products are light and quick turnover childcare items, which account for 28.1 and 24.1% of sales in Spain, respectively.

New trends and novelties in the baby world
The new 2018 collections of products for children will once again be the protagonist at Puericultura Madrid, where visitors will find all the new collections of clothes, accessories, health care items, child care, child safety, strollers and prams, car seats, bassinets and textiles, evolving furniture. All these items are the result of a continuing process of research and development, whose objective is to provide baby with everything she needs, offering safety, comfort, design and solutions designed to make it easier for parents to bring up their children.

The eco trend is also big in the baby world. The fair will host the launch of the new Jack N´Jill bath line, which comes in three different no-more-tears versions; hypoallergenic, 100% plant origin, suitable for vegans, paraben and sulphate free, with no palm oil, colourants or synthetic fragrances. The bottle is BPA free, cruelty free and not tested on animals.

CEFA Toys is presenting its Emotions CEFA toys and stuffed animals which are designed to develop the emotional intelligence of children through soft toys that identify the three primary emotions: happiness with FOLY the little seal; sadness with Nelo the Koala and surprise with Mara the butterfly, under the guidance of the psychologist Victoria Martinez Vicente, an expert in the field

In highchairs, the new wooden evolving model with a detachable tray by Innovaciones MS is significant. It has an adjustable seat and back cushions. Evolutionary, four-phase product (baby over 4 months, baby over 16 months, child over 4 years, adolescent/adult over 13 years). The multi-function high chair by Chicco is a four-in-one product that works as a day basket, lounger, high chair or first chair. It is height adjustable and has four wheels with brakes and a bar with toys.

Jane is presenting, among other things, a cushion which promotes co-sleeping, which can be used in the parents’ bed. It also adapts to a growing child, thanks to the anchoring system on the feet.

The company Kusi Wawa presents Wawa Band, a belt that applies heat to the baby’s tummy for pain relief. Now, with a visual warning that shows when the cushion is too hot.

Little Champions presents the bath cape Autonomy, with its mitten design, allows kids to dry themselves, put the garment away and carry it in the matching bag without help from a grown-up. The Shark model is ideal for the pool or beach, while the Bunny and Bear styles are great for bath time at home. Then there is the Big Bib Hurray, a gigantic bib that boys and girls can put on without adult assistance that covers them to the knee, keeping everything nice and clean while they eat sitting down.

In the furniture area, Micuna the ‘Bbsitter’ is a smart cradle with a sensor that picks up the sound of crying and rocks the cradle to soothe the baby. There's even an app that controls the temperature and moisture that can also switch on the light to keep an eye on the baby without waking him or her up. They are also presenting the Swing model which consists of a 140x70 cm crib that converts into a bed, bathtub, chest and wardrobe. The firm is presenting the Kit desk, an optional accessory that turns any crib marked with this seal into a desk.

The Minana crib by Basic by Interbaby has an interesting constructive formula, with an easy-to-assemble system.

In mattresses, La Cigüeña presents the Breathair model, whose composition is a 90% air. It is completely breathable, washable and recyclable

As far as child safety is concerned, for road safety, companies specialising in child restraint systems are presenting their latest models under the i-Size standard, and with the latest studies and research. In addition, also as part of the safety section, there will be some unique articles such as the Escuchalatidos ‘Sweatbeat' by Miniland. When it comes to baby monitors, the SEW-3057W by SAMSUNG, from Telcomdis Kids offers parents a comprehensive, simple solution for superior home security. It allows users to create a photo diary for capturing images of the baby and storing them in the monitor.

In bottles, Joykids presents the Everyday Baby model, innovative because it is made of borosilicate glass, glass coated with a layer of sensitive silicone, which also indicates optimal water temperature and prevents chipping when knocked. It is also the new Bottle Wide Mouth sensitive PP 240 ml with a flexible 360º drinking straw and anti-colic and anti-reflux brush by Nuby. The straw flexible moves with the liquid.

The Tutete stand KiddiKutter teaches children from the age of 3 years to use a knife. It will cut anything except for the child’s fingers. It has rounded stainless steel serrations, which are thin but not sharp. It weighs a mere 30 grams.

Babycup – first beakers without lids, spouts, or closures to learn how to sip instead of sucking. It is also launching the Potette Plus 2in1, in a practical 2-in-1, useful at home and where travelling (with a handy bag and its bags with absorbent inside when you are out and about).

In toys, there is Bolli, a new tactile, sensory ball, 100% food-grade silicone, which aids teething, develops fine motor skills, grip and hand-eye coordination. It can be frozen for a cold effect and washed in the washing machine. Among the sustainable toys is the Everearth, collection of toys aimed at early childhood in beech and bamboo with water-based ink. This important company manages an 8,000-hectare forest, protecting the planet from deforestation and ensuring the continuity of forests.

In backpacks, Affenzahn, is a brand that specialises in backpacks for kids. It is presenting Tallytate, which has features such as detachable tongue, where you can write the child’s name.

One example of innovation and quality in the buggies field is the Crosswalk R by Jane.
Elegant in the city. Tough in the countryside. A luxury all-roader. Totally versatile. Totally hard wearing. Totally convenient. Equipped with the DNA of Epic. Large seat, reclining back with numerous positions, including horizontal. High performance on all types of surfaces. Compact. Patented folding system, 10% more compact. Double brake system from handle. Tubular aluminium chassis. Independent suspension on back wheels. Inverted C-shape back structure for easy propulsion. Patented folding system, 10% more compact, with a seat that faces in both directions and removable wheels. Folding hood. Reversible, removable seat. Pro-fix chassis attachment. Roomy basket for carrying items. Smooth and efficient wheels with a balanced, removable front train.

Another flagship product is the Tuc Tuc plume, a duo (seat/basket) you can take anywhere. It is compact, light and is simple to fold in both the forward and backward facing positions. The Plume range by Tuc Tuc is a high-performance product with a more innovative design, which can be customised to the customers’ taste.

An innovative, fashionable stroller is the Travel by Shom by Roberto Verino. It is made with smart fabrics. The hood consists of waterproof fabric that offers 50+ protection from the sun. Its innovative design, lightness and small size make the Travel chair easy to manoeuvre and transport. Unlike the other chairs on the market, this exclusive design has been presented in a new colour this year: Stone. (Weight 7 kg

Ponnyshop presents the first anti-roll device for follow-on strollers, which stops it from turning over when it is occupied. It is compatible with 98% of all umbrella strollers.

With coordinates to dress furniture and baby chairs, Uzturre presents the Cuir collection, which features the usual high-quality designs and textiles. The “Cuir” coordinate never goes unnoticed. It is a faux fur footmuff with accessories, essential for cold weather. It is also presenting the “BR POL” bright accessory for dressing the footmuff and hood in high quality, soft faux fur, with embroidered lines on the top, a matching bow and a synthetic eco-mink detail on the top and edge of the hood, also matching.

As well as all this, the personalised labels with Mi Pipo motifs are a detail with fantasy and colour, both to distinguish garments and objects.


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