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  Puericultura Madrid 2016 ended with more than 7,000 highly satisfied registered visitors

Foto Puericultura Madrid 2016 ended with more than 7,000 highly satisfied registered visitors

The fifth edition of the International Childhood Products Trade Show, organised and hosted by IFEMA, took place from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October. More than 488 companies and brands exhibited their collections for the 2016-2017 season.

The positive results of this edition of the trade show have consolidated it as a fundamental rendezvous for the industry, both as far as specialised traders are concerned, and for prescriptors. It has also strengthened its position as a really interesting trading platform for international buyers from markets to which Spain exports its products.

The winner of the “I love your Blog” competition was madrescabreadas.com. A jury of experts chose this blog for the shopping guide that it produced after a visit to the event, listing all the products on show in the trade fair, including articles for childcare, children’s fashion and toys.

Puericultura Madrid, the International Childhood Products Trade Show, organised by IFEMA, ended its fourth edition, with a satisfactory balance as far as exhibitors and buyers are concerned. In total, 7,059 professionals visited the trade show, of whom 4,515 were identified as “very interesting” due to their high qualification.

These favourable results strengthen the leading position of Puericultura Madrid-IFEMA as the benchmark professional exhibition for the specialised trade in the Iberian Peninsula and as the major professional showcase event for all the new products and innovations in the world of the Baby, of maximum interest for international buyers from markets to which Spain exports its products. 

The breakdown of the origin of visitors who were attracted to the trade show is as follows. The two most productive Spanish regions were the Community of Madrid, with 24.7% of the total, and Andalucía, with 14.2 %. Catalonia with 12.9% was in third place, just ahead of the Community of Valencia, in fourth place with 12.7% of the total. Considerable growth was also registered in the number of professional visitors from the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Castilla and León, Navarra and Murcia. Taken as a whole, these statistics show that the professional visitors to the event came from all over Spain.

International presence

Yet again this year, the trade show consolidated its position as an important international event, with 494 registered professionals from 30 countries, 7% of the total visitors to the trade show. There was an important number of professional visitors from Portugal, up by 10% from last year and accounting for more than half of the overseas visitors in 2016.

The most important countries of origin of the international visitors were, aside from Portugal, Italy, France, Andorra, Belgium, Morocco, United Kingdom, China, Sweden, Ireland and Poland. Also in attendance for the first time, were professionals from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Indonesia, Japan, Luxemburg, Rumania and Turkey.

Processed invitations

A total of 1,128 professional invitations were processed in this edition of the trade show, as opposed to the 1,097 invitations that were issued last year. 42% of all the invited buyers were new. 

As far as the visitor profile is concerned, 76% had a high qualification and were therefore potential buyers (primarily specialist traders); 6% were commercial and sales agents; 6% were distributors and another 6%, importers or manufacturers. There was an important presence (2% of the total) of designers and decorators at the trade show in search of ideas and inspiration.

According to data gathered in the survey of visitors to the trade show, 67% visited the event more than one day and 95% expressed their determined intention to return to the event next year. The sectors of greatest interest for visitors were the technical childcare sector, fashion, accessories and very specially, toys. 

More than 488 exhibitors and brands

The trade show was a unique showcase for discovering the latest developments and the main tendencies in childhood products. As a result, both small and large brands that together make up the childcare industry took part in Puericultura Madrid 2016, presenting their collections for the new 2017 season. More than 488 companies and brands showed off their latest ranges for the Iberian market for the first time. 

Among the companies and brands that took art in the fourth edition of this event, were Jané, Chicco, Bébécar,  Baby Monsters, Babymoov, Babadulle, Bebé Due, Casualplay, Cybex, Concord, Micuna, Miniland, Saro Classic, Tuc Tuc, Silver Cross, Arrue, Babyjörn, Be Cool, Bébé Confort, Joie, Tigex, Tutete, BonjourBebe,  Cam il Mondo del Bambino, Baby Llacer, El Bebé Aventurero, Matías Massó, Moltó y Cia, Naf Naf-tanuki, Nûby, Peg Perego-Tavitoys and Recaro, among others. You can consult the full list of participating brands at Puericultura Madrid 2016, in www.puericulturamadrid.ifema.es .

The new Mimo Madrid fashion show

One of most interesting innovations at the fifth edition of Puericultura Madrid was the presentation of the new MIMO Madrid fashion show. This fashion show, organised by IFEMA in collaboration with Asepri, featured a schedule of fashion shows, mainly aimed at the media and buyers, which took place on the 30th of September in the morning and in the afternoon for the media and bloggers, and again on the afternoon of Saturday the 1st of October the same Hall number 9 at Feria de Madrid, where the trade fair took place.

Each of the sessions of the MIMO Madrid fashion shows included presentations of collections by firms such as Bebecar, Columbus GB, Kiddy, Micuna and Tuc Tuc, all participants in the trade fair, and a joint charity fashion show by Marca España, organised by Asepri, in collaboration with IFEMA, which showcased creations by firms such as Babyhome, Baby Monsters, Bebédue, Bimbi Pirulos, Bonjourbébé and Pielsa, all members of Asepri. The money raised from the companies registering to take part in the joint charity fashion show was donated in full to the Spanish Red Cross, a charity that the trade fair works with on a number of different initiatives. 

The introduction of the MIMO Madrid fashion show was warmly welcomed by the media, bloggers, buyers and participating brands. One of the aims was to highlight the products that the companies were exhibiting, providing them with an additional means of promotion and adding value to their presence on their stands. Another was to present in a more direct manner the latest fashion designs and tendencies in childcare to the directors of the specialist businesses from Spain, Portugal and overseas markets who visit the Trade Fair.  The MIMO Madrid fashion show will be repeated from now on, in forthcoming editions of the trade show.  

The MIMO Madrid fashion show took place in the Baby & Mum Experience area, where some of the outstanding products from the brands that took part in the fashions shows were on permanent display throughout the event. The space was decorated with elements of an avant-garde aesthetic, and it was organised by Mimétrica, a Design Studio that specialises in multidisciplinary projects in the field of technology, design, architecture, communication and art.

Another new initiative in the trade show was the Innovative Toy Area, organised in collaboration with Innoarea, a company that is linked to the Polytechnic University of Valencia. It gathered together a selection of products – both new ones and prototypes – in line with current design tendencies in toys for children. The intention was that it should serve as a source of inspiration for designers and the specialist trade. The exhibition of products in this area, most of which were toys, was framed within the context of design proposals for children that were presented in the Kids Trends Book 18, a book of inspiration that represents the essence of each of the current tendencies.

Solidarity Action with the Red Cross

Puericultura Madrid consolidated its collaboration with the Red Cross by carrying out a solidarity action with this organisation for the second consecutive year. The action once again offered participating companies the chance to donate products to show solidarity with children’s centres run by the Red Cross. Also, during the trade show, the Red Cross gave visitors to the trade show the opportunity to make financial donations on their stand. The funds raised purchased breakfasts and snacks for needy children. On top of all that, A Workshop on First Aid for Babies and Children took place in the Retail Forum and attracted a lot of interest and participation. 

Issues of interest in the Business & Fun Area

The Business & Fun Area, designed to offer visitors to the trade show the opportunity to and hear and exchange opinions with experts and professionals in the industry, was the setting for several talks and workshops that proved to be of great interest for the public. These took place in the Retail Forum space which also featured other content such as the Consultancy Box, a space where members of the trade show’s buyer’s programme could obtain personalized advice, and the Gallery of Star Products which featured a selection of outstanding products chosen by the brands themselves. The companies that took part in the Gallery in this edition were Chicco, Aden+Anais, Baby Monsters, Babymoov, Badabulle, Bebe Due, Bebecar, Boksi Baby Care Station, Cam Il Mondo del Bambino, Casualplay, Close Parent, Kiokids, Micuna, Micro, Miniland Baby, Saro, Shom, Tigex, Tuc Tuc, Tutete.com, Kusi Wawa, Nomi by Evomove and Snug.   

Puericultura Madrid 2016 also featured a Window Dressing Workshop led by the commercial management expert Víctor Valencia; a seminar on tendencies in innovation in toys, given by the Nexus Design Centre group from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and El Escaparate, as a source of inspiration, with different styles and happening products. This showcase featured what was an outstanding decoration that was the result of a project carried out by a team of teachers and pupils of the Degree Course in Interior Design at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Support for emerging talent was available once more

The trade fair once again offered its support to the industry’s entrepreneurs through its Starters Spaces, an exhibition zone which this year featured the participation of companies such as Petit Turban, Okenebebe, Snug, Sleepaa, Kakuii, Kusi Wawa, Nannak Advanced Baby Products, Hugmemom, Natural Wean and Tuck by Etakes Care. 

These brands competed for the Prize for the Best Starter, chosen by a jury of experts. The prize consisted of participating without cost in the next edition of the trade show, in the general area. The winning Company was the start-up Kusi Wawa, set up by Meritxell Vinyas. Meritxell became a mother in 2014 and after she had to help her baby get through treatment for her stomach cramps without any chemicals or medicines she decided to start to investigate and analyse what solutions were available to her on the market. The result was the anti-cramp belt, Wawaband, a sustainable project, developed using aromatherapy and with a very affordable public selling price.

Prize to the best blog specialising in childcare

The fifth edition of Puericultura Madrid also promoted a competition entitled “I love your Blog”, which awarded a prize to the blog that offered the best presentation of its shopping guide with the products that were on show at the trade fair – childcare articles, children’s fashion and toys, after having visited the trade show.  A jury of experts reviewed all the proposals it received and a few days after the trade show had ended, it awarded the prize to the blog www.madrescabreadas.com, taking into consideration such aspects as its creativity, originality, knowledge of the product, quality of the images and the design of its presentation.

The next edition of Puericultura Madrid will take place from the 5th to the 8th of October 2017 in Feria de Madrid.


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