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  A new edition of Puericultura Madrid, the Iberian Peninsula’s greatest childhood products event, will take place in September.

Foto A new edition of Puericultura Madrid, the Iberian Peninsula’s greatest childhood products event, will take place in September.

The next Puericultura Madrid trade show at Feria de Madrid, organised by IFEMA, will host more than 400 participating companies and brands from 29 September to 2 October

Priority registration with special advantages for companies is available until 15 May

Among the many new ideas and features at this edition will be the Pasarela Puericultura Madrid, a fashion show organised in collaboration with Asepri featuring exclusive childcare products, fashion for babies and mums courtesy of exhibiting brands and the Innovative Toy Area, which will contain a selection of innovative new products and prototypes to inspire designers and specialised retailers

Ifema is making progress with its marketing activities for the fourth edition of Puericultura Madrid, the International Childhood Products Trade Show, organised by Ifema, which will take place from 29 September to 2 October at Feria de Madrid. This year’s edition of the show is expected to attract more than 400 exhibiting brands and companies, including the sector leaders, as well as a selection of newcomers, who will boost their international activity to attract novelties and buyers. All these efforts will show, yet again, that Puericultura Madrid is a magnificent event for the sector in Spain and Portugal.

As in previous years, Puericultura 2016 will be laid out with a general exhibition area and with individual spaces for toys, fashion, food and hygiene, as well as a ‘starters’ area for boosting emerging companies in the sector. This time there will also be a new sector called ‘Bebé Experience’.

The trade fair will continue to have a Business & Fun networking area, where it will combine leisure and business, as well as the usual specialised training activities for retailers in inspiration and trends, along with an array of activities for exhibitors and visitors.

The preferential registration period ends on 15 May 2016
The preferential registration period will end on 15 May. Exhibitors registering before the deadline will enjoy some worthwhile advantages. Brands deciding to take part before that date will be given the option to occupy stands in the same location as in 2015. They will also have priority when it comes to relocating their stands, as well as a 5% discount on the price of the stand. More information from puericulturamadrid.ifema.es.

A unique event
The upcoming edition of Puericultura Madrid will continue to have all the features that have made it such a unique event. On the one hand, it will offer an innovative, special format that encourages a positive purchasing experience, encouraged by its design and the provision of spaces where sellers and buyers can interact.

Another stand-out feature of this event is the fair concept, which combines business, networking and leisure. Puericultura Madrid has training areas for specialised retailers and for activities that take brands to consultants and consumers, and for business meetings with agents from all over Spain, not to mention the ambitious guest buyer programme, etc.

At the same time, Puericultura Madrid also offers business opportunities and activities for brands, through special actions and areas at the fair, such as the ‘Star Product Gallery’, an exhibition of flagship products from a selection of brands; Displays that Inspire featuring exhibitors’ products, PlayGround, the toy area for visitors’ children, the TV Retail Set, for filming interviews with brands and buyers, and the Networking and Business area for guest buyers.

New at Puericultura Madrid 2016
As well as the spaces and activities organised at earlier editions of Puericultura Madrid, this new edition will feature some attractive additions. One of these will be the Puericultura Madrid Fashion Show, in collaboration with Asepri, a chance for the media and buyers to get a different look at the exclusive childcare products and fashion for mums and babies by exhibiting brands at the fair.
Also new is the Innovative Toy Area, which will contain a selection of new and prototype products that reflect trends in children’s toy design and will inspire specialist retailers.

All this will make Puericultura Madrid an unmissable event for the retail trade in Spain, Portugal and markets outside the sector.

An event with a growing international influence
When it comes to internationalisation, Puericultura Madrid 2016 will be the result of the successful work carried out, year after year, to build on this aspect of the event for companies and buyers, with a focus on Latin America and the Mediterranean. In 2015, 505 international trade professionals from 33 countries attended the event, as opposed to the 455 visitors from 22 countries registered at the 2014 edition. These data confirm that Puericultura Madrid is the ideal trade fair for companies wanting to export and sell products through specialist retailers in Spain and Portugal.

An event that’s growing
At the 2015 edition, Puericultura Madrid was visited by 7,687 trade professionals, 1.32% more than in 2014, and more than 900 invitations were sent to the main buyers. What’s more, the event hosted 476 brands and represented companies, along with 146 direct exhibitors from 28 countries. In the same way as in previous years, this year’s trade fair has scheduled a busy line-up of events, including some interesting talks for participants. There were also 1,317 impacts and appearances in the news media and on social networks.


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Puericultura Madrid

Puericultura Madrid



Puericultura Madrid

Puericultura Madrid

Puericultura Madrid

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