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Andrés Sardá





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Alex Agulló
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Collection, February 2017



Times of change and revolution... uncertainties, new objectives to be conquered, rights to be claimed, assertion of your personality, demonstration of your whole power and a complete determination to never be taken advantage of.
 The Sardá woman experiences a revolution and makes us take part in it.
Set in the French revolution, the Sardá woman presents the collection in various events.
First we see Marianne, revolutionising the masses, then the army shows up, followed by the nobility preparing for a party and finally that party in all its splendour.
In the first part, we will combine very different fabrics like cotton poplin, suede or raffia, and we will mix it with silk tulle, lace and flocked fabrics. Brown, green, dark grey and various mauve tones will dominate.
The army will experiment with the shades of blue, burgundy and white, with details in gold trimmings. The materials will be as diverse as silk satin, haute couture lace, leather or PVC.
The nobility prepares for the party, and we can see their petticoats and hoop skirts before the final dress is put on. Here the pastel tones, and the delicacy of the organza and the voiles are protagonists.
For the party, volume captures the catwalk, velvet and brass contrast with tulle and lace giving contrast and depth in an unexpected manner. The colours are intense and bright, like red, blue and black.

Andrés Sardá - September 2016


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