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Collection, February 2017


"The Dreamer" brings to a close the most humanistic trilogy of all my collections and this is, perhaps, the most utopian of the three. In "Antihero" I talk about the broken dreams of those who, despite the loss of their hopes, search for all kinds of personal motivation to keep getting back up, to dream again and take more risks, to keep falling back down and starting over again. These lost hopes and frustrated desires only serve to heighten their passion for believing in new dreams, finding new beliefs and new utopias. In "The Thinker" my admiration was for those who reject the easy life, those who take risks in searching for something different, both in their way of thinking and acting, autonomous thoughts in the possession of different minds, slightly naive for not taking the easy way out, but brilliant for believing in ideals once again, perhaps even in utopian ideals.

With "The Dreamer" it is impossible to avoid talking about the concept behind this collection without mentioning the historical reference to Martin Luther King's struggle for freedom and civil rights and his "I Have a Dream...", that beacon of hope that is still as relevant and, I would even dare to say, as necessary for so many of us as it was for those who gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington all those years ago in the summer of '63.

"The Dreamer" is also an "Antihero" and a "Thinker"; the dreamer is a visionary, an innocent who always manages to cross the borders from the most pessimistic assessments of their own time to a vision that is more hopeful and, indeed, more utopian, to dream of a different future.

"The Dreamer" is dedicated to all those whose heart is a keystone for combating hopelessness, those who use emotion as a way of leaving difficult personal contexts behind to fly towards equality and freedom, two terms that are currently unattainable for large swathes of humanity. Martin Luther King, Mandela, Gandhi, and I would even dare include John Lennon's "Imagine", all great dreamers whose hearts and minds longed to one day achieve life's inalienable rights: equality, freedom and, above all, the pursuit of happiness. All of them tireless dreamers who have created political movements, social manifestos and the anthems and soundtracks of a generation.

The current social situation leads me to think that a coalition of dreamers is needed more now than ever.
Someone once said that "an isolated dream is a illusion, even the prelude to a hallucination, but a shared dream is a collective utopia and ultimately a beatable challenge".
I always think it is worthwhile, even if only for a few moments, to become innocent again and believe that the Utopia of equality may one day be possible for all those "Dreamers" who defy the established order.


We are faced with a reality in which fashion has become very sensitive, in which a high degree of importance is given to every story told. The importance of the "story telling" is noticeable behind each of my collections, and it is for this reason that I am becoming ever more interested in creating real, intimate and sensitive fashion. The men and women of "The Dreamer" are real people who care about what surrounds them, they are dreamers who are ready and willing to claim their ideals and rights in turbulent times, as well as to celebrate those most personal emotions of human beings, love, passion... life.

My work speaks of feelings, of what surrounds us and concerns us, and it is for this reason that all my clothes are calculated in terms of the aesthetics of lines and colours, taking risks in the search for new fabrics and materials to create textures with combinations that are sometimes anomalous.

Small frills adorn the clothes around the pattern cuts, sleeves, shoulders, cuffs, collars, camisoles and hems. Those long, straight dresses leave wide openings in the legs and feature plunging "V" necklines protected by internal bustiers.
The sleeves get special attention,  whether on coats with gigot sleeves featuring crown pleats or dresses and shirts with twister sleeves, featuring spiral cuts and buttoning.

The collection is ordered from structure to controlled chaos, working to deconstruct two main ideas. For one you get classically tailored men's trousers that become pichis and skirts, and for another the classic concept of the cotton t-shirt that is metamorphosed into irregular garments with necks and sleeves that widen and change direction at the low neckline. All this with the collection's slogan: "ALL POWER TO THE DREAMER", which comes from the well-known slogan that in the 60s became the iconic demand of the "Black Panthers", "All power to the people".

A sober palette of colours where nude, camel, red and black are combined with a wealth and variety of materials and textures that run through the entire collection, ending as a chaotic "Pollock" pattern made of jacquard.
Coats in organic leather, like suede with a metallic treatment and curly lamb's wool, or even fake wool freshly sheared in blocks of untreated skeins, alpaca cloth, double-sided neoprenes with sheared hair and woven long hair and lurex.
Jackets and coats in jacquard both combined with silken wool for the tuxedo and with a dupion base for hybrid blazer-like jackets.
Dresses, skirts and trousers with geometric flocking, granulated crepes with lurex lustre, jacquard with zebra stripes, squares of embossed relief eco leather, guipure lace with sequin embroidery, muslins with hand-embroidered polka dots.

Ana Locking - September 2016


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