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Collection, February 2017



And the party continues... The summer has ended, but the fun has not ended with it, and the world of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is transformed into huge garments that wrap the body in the shape of sweet, cake, tasty cupcakes and everything that would be found at a good party.

Agatha's universe is reinvented in another party, we move from impossible swimsuits to huge dresses. It is a collection for a woman who wants to feel like the queen of the party, formed by unique pieces that represent fun, that immerse us in a fun celebration where the body is dressed in doughnut shaped garments, huge lollipops and sweets. Garments are turned into Llacasitos (chocolate buttons) and macaroons that are reinvented to form enormous skirts, dresses and oversized coats, elegant tops and bell skirts. The already classic multicoloured ribbons of the firm are combined with streamers that form elegant necklines, and are mixed with glitter confetti that are maximised to make spectacular asymmetrical dresses or adorn the inside of transparent skirts. As at any party, cakes cannot be missing, which form giant skirts and dresses, gifts, bows and of course balloons of those who hang fine muslin dresses.

In general all shapes are taken to the extreme with oversized patterns. Maxi skirts in the shape of a half-sphere or bell-shaped, puffed dresses that turn into sweets or cupcakes with mirror-like fabrics, huge ruffles form rosettes, long dresses are straight with lollipops, doughnut-like collars or a tangle of multicoloured streamers . Asymmetries are present in the form of huge confetti or multicoloured ribbons. The sheer dresses take their definitive shape thanks to the helium of the balloons that adorn them. Boxes with gifts forming skirts and bows that wrap around dresses.

In this catwalk we mix together the most luscious fabrics like cotton velvet, or shantung and silk muslin, with Lycras with different finishes ranging from gloss to metallic, tulle, sequins of different sizes, lurex and neoprene. Wool cloths that are mixed with coloured or transparent plastics, fabrics with a mirror effect. All this is adorned with multicoloured "toppings" made with plastic or paper materials.

Each dress is unique, small works of art forming volumes with extensive work of patterning and experimentation with fabrics. Pieces that form a collection in which classic cuts such as Japanese sleeves, bateau or round necklines and oversized garments with the classic structures of the firm in the form of giant hearts (already a classic), cake shapes, cubes or half circles and enormous conical and flared volumes.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada - September 2016


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