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  Third edition of SICUR LATINOAMERICA takes off

Foto Third edition of SICUR LATINOAMERICA takes off

The Exhibition is being jointly organised by IFEMA and FISA and will hold its third edition from 30 September to 2 October at Espacio Riesco in Santiago de Chile.

A hundred companies will take part and there will be a wide array of activities, exhibitions and business conference event with over 250 business meetings.

From 30 September to 2 October, SICUR Latinoamérica, the International Exhibition of Equipment, Products, Technologies and Services for Comprehensive Safety, is holding its third edition at Espacio Riesco in Santiago de Chile. Over three days this Exhibition, which is being jointly organized by IFEMA and FISA, brings the industry's companies together on a single stage full of great expansion opportunities and energised by the rising demand for safety solutions in Chile and other Latin American Countries.

This third international edition of SICUR, one of IFEMA's most important industrial exhibitions, will include the participation of a group of Spanish and international companies interested in breaking ground in this market and who, along with other companies, are attending the Exhibition thanks to IFEMA's organising efforts, which have been focused on facilitating new business avenues for the sectors represented in its trade shows. This group of companies will display to the more than 6000 professionals expected to attend the Exhibition their cutting-edge technologies designed for personal protection, safety clothing, intervention and rescue, fire protection and prevention measures, evacuation and maintenance, alarms and components, shielding and access control and monitoring systems, among others.

In addition to these participants, the main business associations in the industry in Spain are supporting and collaborating with the Exhibition, including the Association of Personal Protection Equipment Companies (ASEPAL), the Spanish Association of Fire Protection Companies (Tecnifuego AESPI), the Spanish Association of Safety Companies (AES) and the Professional Association of Private Safety Service Companies (APROSER).

Furthermore, SICUR LATINOAMERICA is bringing together the products and services of a hundred companies in a comprehensive showcase of the safety sector, organised around the areas of Workplace Safety and Health, Safety in Emergencies and Disasters, Preventive Safety and Civic and Private Safety. These are three strategic segments for the Chilean market, as confirmed by the strong institutional support provided by the Chilean government for the Exhibition, along with many important entities there, such as Bomberos de Chile [Chilean Firefighters], among others.

Business conference
Among the different activities scheduled for this edition, of particular note is a business conference focused on establishing strategic alliances between the exhibiting companies and the professionals who are pressing for innovation in the different safety areas. This time around the schedule will include over 250 business meetings, with the confirmed official presence of Caja Compensación 18 de Septiembre, Banco Security, Banco Corpbanca, Banco Chile, Petrobras, Salfa, Bomberos de Chile, Armada de Chile, Sodimac Area comercial, Carabineros de Chile, Surlat, Salcobrand, Gasco, Banco BBVA, Hotel Fundador, Hotel Crowne Plaza Santiago, Clínica Central, Copec and ASMAR.

International Congress and other activities
SICUR Latinoamérica will also constitute the framework for a series of expert activities covering the stereotypes that countries must face today in safety matters, the most significant of which will be the International Congress "La Seguridad que queremos: visión y gestión estratégica." ["The Safety we want: vision and strategic management."]

To top off the programme, a variety of Workshops or technical and commercial talks are being organised, which will be given by companies and institutions from the sector to provide additional information on new products and technologies. There will also be a wide range of exhibitions on emergency and rescue techniques, descent practices, operations with hazardous materials and different tools for industrial user, etc., all of which will take place in the Demonstration Zone.
More information: http://www.sicurlatinoamerica.cl/Actividades_paralelas.php








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