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  IFEMA meets the security sector in SICUR Latin America

Foto IFEMA meets the security sector in SICUR Latin America

The Trade Fair will be held at Espacio Riesco of Santiago de Chile from 30 September to 2 October 2015

Chilean government investment plans to improve security in all aspects, as well as the position of Chile as one of the countries with the lowest risk for foreign investment, offer new opportunities of expansion to the companies looking for internationalization.

From this edition, SICUR Latin America will be held every two years.

IFEMA calls the security sector, for the third year running in SICUR Latin America, an International Exhibition of Equipment, Products, Technologies and Services for Comprehensive Safety which will take place at Espacio Riesco of Santiago de Chile from 30 September to 2 October 2015. The Trade Fair, organized together with FISA, the main trade show organizer of the region, offers a contact platform with the main traders from the South America Countries as well as the opportunity to expand the business networks in a high potential security market to all those companies whose aim is an international expansion.

In this way, we want to stand out the Trade Fair increasing power of convening, as we can prove in its last edition, with 5,450 professionals and security users, apart from Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico Panama, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, as well as USA and Canada and other different countries from Europe and Asia, among others, ensuring a far - reaching and international event with special emphasis for the Latin American Countries, for all the participant companies.
In addition, we have to add to this event the concern of the government and the public associations to improve security in all aspects, according to the economic and social development. This includes the occupational security, referred in the 2015/2018 programme which develops a legislation which involves companies to participate in security policies against occupational accidents; in the new citizen security plans which provide an important growth path for the private security sector and due to the particular geography of the country, in the Security and National Defense plans oriented towards the investment in equipment and technology to prevent and extinguish fires, as well as in solutions to diminish the impact of natural disasters.

A matter with the support of these public and private institutions and organizations provided to SECUR Latin America, through the sponsor of the Chilean Government and the Ministry of Labor and Social security, as well as other organizations related to security; as the Undersecretary of Crime Prevention; The National Emergency Office of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security of Chile, The Directorate General of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine of Chile, The Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy; carabineers, Investigation Police; Military Geographical Institute; National Chamber of Commerce; Services and Tourism in Chile and firefighters of Chile..

Chile stands out for being one of the most transparent economies around the world, with a regular growth since 2010. For the “Economist Intelligent” this is one of the countries with the lowest risk for the foreign investment because it assures equal rights for the local companies, with an effective tariff under 2%.

Biennial celebration
SICUR Latin America, which with 3 editions, has been consolidated as the main event for the Comprehensive Security sector in Latin America, this year fulfills the first stage of the initial project of IFEMA, which started thanks to SICUR and, as the Spanish Trade Fair, it well be held every two years, from 2015.







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