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Ifema Internacional Presentacion

1. Ifema:

  • Definition of the activity.
    Ifema - Feria de Madrid is the main operator of fairs in Spain and one of the first in Europe, with a calendar of about fifty fest events in which practically all economic sectors are represented.
    Also, IFEMA is also the owner and manager of Feria de Madrid, a fairground that IFEMA provides for trade fairs organized by external operators, as well as international conferences and any other type of event.
  • Experience.
    Ifema was born in 1980, a fact that means more than three decades of experience in the MICE industry.
    • With regard to infrastructures:
      Ifema has directed the construction of Feria de Madrid that opened in 1991, as well as its two following enlargements later, the first in 1999 (budget: EUR 90 million) and the last one in 2002 (budget: EUR 120 million).
      At present, Feria de Madrid, has a covered exhibition space of 200,000 m2 divided into twelve halls, two convention centers and 14,000 parking spaces, among other services. Thanks to all this, IFEMA is qualified as one of the best equipped exhibition and congress centers in Europe.
    • As fair operator:
      In the last fiscal year, Ifema held 43 own fairs and 27 fairs outside, 7 congresses with exhibition and 463 other events (congresses, conventions, presentations etc.), at its facilities.
      Among external events, it must be highlighted that Ifema has been chosen as venue for major international exhibitions and congresses, such as CPhI Worldwide, a professional trade fair of ingredients for the pharmaceutical sector that accounts with 1,700 exhibitor firms and 26,000 professional visitors.
      Also, Ifema has certainly been the main promoter by which Madrid reached the fourth position in the 2012 ranking of congressional cities made by ICCA.
  • Some data
    Since its birth, the business and call numbers for Ifema are, at least, surprising:
    • 80 million visitors.
    • More than 600,000 exhibitor companies.
    • More than 1,500 fairs held.
    With regard to its contribution to the environment and according to research carried out by the EMECA (European Association of Large Fairgrounds), the economic impact generated by the activity from Ifema is 2,000 million euros per year (around 1% of the GDP of the area) in the region, as well as supports approximately 40,000 direct and indirect jobs.


2. Services that offers

In its double aspect of fair operator and fairground manager, Ifema is ideally suited to provide the following consulting services:

  • Industry Consulting:

    Analysis of MICE sector in a particular geographic environment.

    Before you begin a project of an exhibition or a congress, it is essential to know which the situation of this type of calls is in the geographic area of influence, as well as the current coverage and future possibilities.

    Ifema, according to its experience, will offer a survey market to collect:
    • Summary of the exhibition sector:
      • Operators
      • Calendars
      • Exhibition areas
      • International participation
      • SWOT Analysis
    • Summary of the congress sector:
      • Operators.
      • Calendars.
      • Spaces.
      • International participation.
      • SWOT Analysis.
    • Area of influence on the environment (geographical extension).
    • Medium-term planned development.
    • Sectors of interest.
    • Opportunities and recommendations.

  • Infrastructure Consulting:

    Analysis of necessary conditions in a complex of exhibitions and congresses in order to be able to be operated in an appropriate manner on the basis of achieving the planned objectives.

    Analysis of the architectural project of the compound to determine whether the raised conditions are appropriate to become a site for trade fairs and congresses.

    Ifema has directed the construction of Feria de Madrid, from its initial conception and design to its two enlargements. Currently, it has twelve halls that represent 200,000 m2 of covered exhibition area and two Convention Centers, as well as all the facilities and services for any type of event of any volume at a level of excellence.

    Also, today IFEMA is responsible for its management and maintenance to continue holding its leadership position as one of the main European Fair Grounds, and also well-known throughout the world.

    There are many times that the comparison of the construction of Exhibitions and Congresses complex with public works, makes take into account criteria in which iconic character dominates rather than operating capacity. As a result, there is the need for a subsequent adaptation to a higher cost (whenever possible), or it makes impossible that a new building achieves the required service levels. This has a direct and negative effect in the business.

    With this consultancy, Ifema:
    • Previously confirms possibilities to achieve the objectives intended with the project launching in a realistic reading.
    • On the basis of those objectives, Ifema analyzes the submitted project or, if it does not exist, lays down the conditions and characteristics that this should have.
    • Also, prepares and delivers a table of general needs for proper operation.
    • Once submitted the project (if this did not exist previously), Ifema performs the analysis of the same, by providing solutions on those aspects that do not fit properly in its future operating capacity; and also will propose improvements that will lead to a  more effective and profitable use.
    • In the same way, Ifema will offer information on economic valuation of the project.
    • If public competition is announced, Ifema will participate in the development of the technical aspects of the specifications, as well as, later, in the analysis of proposals.
    • Finally, the follow-up to work to ensure the adequacy of deadlines, materials, etc. can be agreed.

  • Business Consulting:

    IFEMA will perform the initial Business Plan of the company that wants to tackle the sector of exhibitions and congresses in a particular geographic environment.

    Although the terms of this business plan will be agreed with the client, the following outline can be established as a basis:
    • Activity:
      • Objectives.
      • Strategic lines.
      • Products and services.
      • Target Market:
        • National scope.
        • International scope.
      • Economic impact in the region.
    • Type of company:
      • Structure, organizational chart and profiles.
      • Key success factors.
    • Marketing Plan:
      • Market analysis.
      • Analysis of the competition.
      • Key factors of differentiation.
      • Price policy.
      • Communication policy.
    • Financial projection:
      • Medium-term projection of the activity.
      • Income and expenditure scene.
      • Financial model.
    • Conclusions.

  • Formation and follow-up support/coaching:

    The experience of Ifema in the MICE sector includes all possible areas and in all fields:
    • As operator of fairs (creator of exhibition products, positioning of them, marketing and holding).
    • As manager of complex (renter of space and services to external fairs, attractor of international congresses etc.)

    In each area, Ifema can provide the adequate training to act in the highest levels of excellence that are required in the implementation and attraction of fairs and congresses, as well as of any other type of event, in technical areas as well as in marketing and business ones.

    This training will be reflected in a previous and by consensus schedule depending on the client's needs and objectives.

    In addition, this proposal will be enriched by two aspects:
    • On the one hand, it will be always accompanied by the relevant protocols to each area, for the systematic control of operations.
    • Also, during the first year there will be a follow up support during three times, with a view to analyze the application of knowledge acquired, provide solutions for the problems that might arise in the practice, and correct possible incidents.


    Ifema is one of the fairground operators with more experience, not only for its successful career but also by its dual facet of operator and manager of the exhibition ground.

    Moreover, this experience is constantly updated, in its eagerness of being an international benchmark of the industry and to maintain a constant level of excellence.

    This whole experience is certainly necessary and may be accessible through the offering of consultancy in the MICE sector that offers Feria de Madrid- IFEMA.


3. Projects in which IFEMA has taken part.

Ifema has participated, among others, in the following projects:

  • OGDEN – RURAL, Argentina (June 1999- June 2001)
    Consultancy in the management of Palermo fairground (Argentina), optimization of human and material resources, infrastructure improvement, productivity and services to internal and external clients.
  • OPERATOR OF FAIRS AND EXHIBITIONS, Mexico (January 2002-March 2002)
    Consultancy in exhibition organization: indicators, exhibitors, visitors, marketing exhibition, budgetary policy, schedules, etc.…
  • NEW EXHIBITION CENTER IN BEIJING, China (January 2002 - December 2004)
    Advice on construction and management. Training and consultancy in the management of projects and services.
    Consultancy on the design and construction of the new center for trade fairs and exhibitions, follow-up to work. Consultancy in the creation of the management company, KPI’s and efficiency management.
    Strategic consultancy in order to position the exhibition center in the right business segment to be a referent in the international MICE sector.
    Consultancy on sector analysis in Peru to determine the opportunity to invest in the construction of an exhibition center, as well as the creation of the operating company.
    Advise to the IDOM Company in the adaptation of the project of engineering of the enclosure to the concrete needs of the sector of professional fairs.
    Advice to the Mexican company Actidea in the bidding, management and promotion of two congress and convention centers in Los Cabos and La Paz.
  • RURAL DEL PRADO, Montevideo, Uruguay (2018)
    Advice to the Municipality of Montevideo on potentialities for the economic development of the city through an efficient and sustainable use of the fairground of Rural del Prado.







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