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  • Imagen Cabecera HydroSensoft


HydroSenSoft, the International Symposium and Exhibition will bring together users, researchers and developers interested in hydro-environment software and sensors/instrumentation to acquire, analyze and use data for our better understanding of the hydro-environment. The HydroSenSoft 2019 Symposium and Exhibition event will showcase the latest advances coming out of the research and development community, and share experience from practice. Furthermore, the exhibition will take place alongside several other exhibitions relevant to the water industry (SIGA-Trade Fair for Innovative Water Management Solutions).

National and international legislation, such as the EU Water Framework and Marine Strategy Framework Directive, puts increasing emphasis on monitoring, maintaining, and improving the water environment by means of better planning and management, which in turn requires much more accurate knowledge of the impact of mankind on the environment. Hydraulic instrumentation and experimentation play a key role for understanding fundamental processes that affect the health of aquatic ecosystems and the safe use of water supply sources. Wider use of new technology in the water sector and access to water-related data can facilitate the implementation of specific measures.

Modelling software tools are now becoming universally used by organisations responsible for managing the water environment and this, in turn, requires more detailed and more accurate data. At the same time, thanks to the rapid developments in sensor technology, large quantities of data can be available, calling for structured and robust methods of analysis. A rapidly expanding variety of different software tools and data collection tools are becoming available for these purposes.

After the first edition in Madrid in 2017, HydroSenSoft 2019 will offer the opportunity to present latest trends in instrument development, experimental methods, and data management and analysis to cope with water-related societal challenges.

While the international symposium, in English, has a scientific character, the Spanish session has a more pragmatic orientation, addressing practical questions of different types of specialists and users.