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  GENERA 2018's technical conferences will analyse the transition to a sustainable energy model

Foto GENERA 2018's technical conferences will analyse the transition to a sustainable energy model

Energy efficiency within urban environments to mitigate climate change, self-consumption on the grid, nearly zero-energy buildings and decarbonisation solutions for countries and energy balance of heat pumps - these are just some of the subjects to be discussed during the many sessions on the schedule.

Organised by IFEMA, GENERA will take place in hall 8 at Feria de Madrid, from 13 to 15 June 2018.

The Technical Conferences programme at GENERA's Energy and Environment International Trade Fair, organised by IFEMA, will this year feature a total of 21 sessions and will be held from 13 to 15 June. It will be a space for the debate and analysis of the sector's most pressing current issues, which will once again serve as a meeting point for companies, professionals, public administration representatives and associations which are linked to the world of renewable energy, energy efficiency and the environment.

Energy efficiency in urban environments to mitigate climate change, self-consumption, nearly zero-energy buildings and decarbonisation solutions for countries and energy balance of heat pumps - these are some of the issues to be addressed in these talks, with a particular focus on examining the new challenges and opportunities for development within the sector.

One subject to be discussed is 'El nuevo modelo de sociedad ante la transición energética. Una oportunidad para el sector eólico y el nuevo concepto de ciudad y movilidad’ (A new society model for the energy transition. An opportunity for the wind power sector and new city and mobility concepts), at an event organised by the Spanish Wind Power Business Association (AEE) and the Association of Renewable Energy Producers (APPA).

Apart from this conference, APPA will also present various different sessions which will tackle subjects such as 'Geotermia somera en entornos urbanos’ (Shallow geothermal energy in urban areas), together with the ICOG (the Spanish Professional Association of Geologists); 'Biomasa: energía firme para la Transición Energética’ (Biomass: stable energy for the Energy Transition), in collaboration with the Union for Biomass Interreg Biomasstep Project, and 'La industria nacional ante el reto de la energía marina’ (National industry faces the challenge of marine energy). 

In collaboration with the Platform for the Promotion of Distributed Generation and the Self-Consumption of Energy, European Project iDistributedPV, APPA will organise a session on self-consumption entitled 'Integración del autoconsumo en la red’ (The Integration of Self-Consumption on the Grid). For their part, UNEF (the Spanish Photovoltaic Union) will present 'Casos de éxito de Autoconsumo fotovoltaico’ (Solar Panel Self-Consumption Success Stories) and will hold another event on the advances in 'La digitalización en el sector fotovoltaico’ (The digitalisation of the solar panel sector). 

One of the sessions organised by CIEMAT (the Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology Research) will address 'La eficiencia energética en entornos urbanos como herramienta para mitigar el cambio climático’ (Energy efficiency in urban environments as a tool to mitigate climate change). 'Concentración solar: situación y potencial térmico y eléctrico’ (Solar Concentration: status and thermal and electrical potential) is the title of another talk which CIEMAT will be taking part in, in this case in partnership with SOLAR CONCENTRA.

The trend in the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings is another subject to be discussed this year at GENERA, during the 10th Thermal Solar Energy Congress organised by ASIT (Solar Association for the Thermal Industry) as part of the fair's schedule. With a special emphasis on the same subject, the Association for Energetic Energy Companies (A3e) and ASHRAE Spain Chapter will present 'Edificios de Energía Casi Nula’ (Nearly zero-energy buildings).

Three conferences will address the decarbonisation of the environment.  'Hacia una economía baja en carbono gracias a la mejora de la eficiencia energética’ (Towards an economy which is low in carbon thanks to the improvement of energy efficiency) presented by the Institute for the Diversification of Energy and Energy Savings (IDAE) delves into this subject. The Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC) will also tackle this issue at its session, 'Herramientas para la descarbonización de la economía española’ (Tools for the decarbonisation of the Spanish economy). Lastly, the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) in collaboration with the Spanish Technological Platform for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells (PTE HPC) will present 'Energías renovables e hidrógeno: una solución para la descarbonización de Europa’ (Renewable energies and hydrogen: a solution for the decarbonisation of Europe).

In addition, the Spanish Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers Association (AFEC) joins the GENERA programme with the organization of a session entitled ‘Evolución del uso de Energía Renovable en los equipos de climatización y Balance energético de las Bombas de Calor’ (Evolution of Renewable Energy Use in Air Conditioning devices and Energy Balance of Heat Pumps).

There have been many changes in legislation when it comes to energy efficiency, and this is an issue which will also be tackled at this edition of GENERA. Specifically, 'Cambios normativos en la contratación de Eficiencia Energética’ (Changes in regulations on contracting energy efficiency) is the title of a session which has been organised by A3e in collaboration with the Association of Companies for Comprehensive Maintenance and Energy Services (AMI), the Spanish Technical Association for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ATECYR) and the Association of Companies in Cold or Heat Networks (ADHAC).

Another conference within this legal context is 'Eficiencia energética en las Comunidades Autónomas. Análisis de la aplicación del RD 56/2016 y nueva ley de contratos del sector público’ (Energy Efficiency in Autonomous Communities. An analysis of the application of RD 56/2016 and the new law on public sector contracts) which will be held by A3e. In a similar vein, the Spanish Association of Energy Services (ANESE) will organise a round table to discuss 'El modelo de contratación de rendimiento energético en el marco de la nueva Ley de Contratación Pública y en conformidad con el tratamiento de deuda de Eurostat’ (The contractual model for energy performance within the framework of the new Law on Public Contracts and in accordance with Eurostat debt treatment). As for funding for sustainable energy projects, ANESE will carry out a session during which they will present the tool known as ENERINTOOL.

Another talk which will definitely spark interest within the sector is 'La cogeneración: Tecnología para el nuevo mix energético’ (Cogeneration: Technology for the new energy mix) directed by the Spanish Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration (COGEN) and the Spanish Association for Cogeneration (ACOGEN). No less relevant is the session entitled ‘Países clave en el Desarrollo Iberoamericano: EE.RR.2025’ (Key countries in Latin American development: EE.RR.2025) to be carried out by the Latin American Chamber for Commerce, Industry, Transport, Energy and Mines in Spain. Not forgetting the conference organised by ASIT which will go over the 'Evolución del uso de Energía Renovable en los equipos de climatización’ (Evolution of Renewable Energy Use in Air Conditioning devices).

Various professional gatherings will also be held within the framework of GENERA 2018, such as the 2nd SOLPLAT Assembly with its talk entitled 'Jornada sobre la aplicación de la Energía Solar Térmica en District Heating’ (The Application of Thermal Solar Energy in District Heating) organised by ASIT, ADHAC and ENERAGEN (the Association of Spanish Energy Management Agencies. A3e and ASIT will also be holding their respective Annual Shareholders' Meeting during the days the fair takes place.

IFEMA will also be holding the awards ceremony for the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Prize (C&R) 2019, in recognition of the special contribution to the sector made by professionals with a trajectory of over 25 years in the world of air conditioning.

GENERA will this year coincide with TECMA, the International Town Planning and Environment Trade Fair; SRR, the Recycling and Recovery International Trade Fair, and ESCLEAN, the Hygiene & Cleaning Trade Show, making up a great platform with the environment and sustainability as a common thread at all of these events.








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