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Fundación ARCO provides works from its collection for the exhibitions of prestigious Spanish and foreign institutions. Another way to contribute to a greater dissemination of the stock of works in its collection. This year, 2019, it will be these exhibitions which feature works from the Fundación ARCO Collection:


Monographic exhibition of the Fundación ARCO Collection in Lisbon "Criteria".
Curator: Miguel von Hafe
Organised by: Cámara Municipal de Lisboa / EGEAC, Fundación ARCO / IFEMA and CA2M.
Galeria do Torreão Nascente de la Cordoaria. Lisbon
From 30 January to 21 April
Opening: 30 January at 6:00 p.m.

Since 30 January, Lisbon has hosted the Criteria exhibition, made up of a selection of works from the Fundación ARCO/IFEMA Collection, which are on show until 21 April at the Galeria do Torreão Nascente de la Cordoaria, a gallery managed by Galerias Municipais / EGEAC.

Curated by Miguel von Hafe Pérez , who has been associated with the Fundación ARCO Collection since 2010, firstly as the director of CGAC and later as the head of acquisitions. He is also a great connoisseur of Portuguese art after his visit to the Museo Serralves and other institutions in the country.
The exhibition has a total of 37 works by 33 artists, all of them acquired at different editions of ARCO. The exhibition hosts pieces by Portuguese artists such as Ana Jotta, Carlos Bunga, Filipa César, Francisco Tropa, Gil Heitor Cortesão, Helena Almeida, Jorge Molder, Miguel Palma, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Rui Toscano, Vasco Araújo and Von Calhau!, which are placed in an international context through the presence of works by artists such as Ângela Ferreira, Antoni Muntadas, Arnulf Rainer, Babi Badalov, Christian Boltanski, Danh VÅ�, Elmgreen&Dragset, Francesc Ruiz, Giuseppe Penone, Gwenneth Boelens, Ibon Aranberri, Jarbas Lopes; John Chamberlain, Lucia Koch, Marlena Kudlicka, Regina de Miguel, Ryan Gander, Thomas Ruff, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yinka Shonibare and Yorgos Sapountzis.

The invitation from the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa to Fundación ARCO to put on the Criteria exhibition is part of its programme of exhibitions of private collections and, in this case, serves to further strengthen, if possible, the ties that ARCO and IFEMA have with Portugal, as well as to continue pushing forward the work that Fundación ARCO is carrying out in the promotion of collecting and the appreciation of contemporary art, in particular that on the Portuguese scene. The exhibition will serve to strengthen ARCO’s ties with Portugal, as well as to spread the work of Fundación ARCO in promoting collecting and the appreciation of contemporary art. During the exhibition, there will be activities, conferences and visits.


Exhibition of “Latinoamérica en las colecciones CA2M y Fundación ARCO” in Sala Alcalá 31. "There are things enclosed within the walls which, if they suddenly went out into the street and shouted, would fill up the world."
Curator: Manuel Segade.
Organised by: Consejería de Cultura, Turismo y Deportes. Dirección General de Promoción Cultural.
Sala Alcalá 31. Madrid
From 26 February to 21 April
Opening: 25 February

For its part, Sala Alcalá 31 of the Community of Madrid hosts the exhibition, There are things enclosed within the walls which, if they suddenly went out into the street and shouted, would fill up the world. Latin America in the CA2M and Fundación ARCO collections, curated by Manuel Segade, director of the CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, exclusively includes pieces of Latin American art from the Collections that the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo prizes -Collection of the Community of Madrid and the Fundación ARCO Collection. The presence of Latin America has been constant since the founding of both collections: on the one hand, through the exhibition programming of CA2M, and; on the other, through the emphasis put on Central and South American art at the ARCO Fair since its very beginnings.

A sample, with works from the Fundación ARCO Collection acquired in Latin American galleries participating in ARCO, that seeks to celebrate the continent's contemporary culture from the 50s to the present day by showing the work of artists such as Jesús Soto, Damián Ortega and Jorge Macchi, alongside that of young creators such as Éder Oliveira, Jorge Satorre and Fernanda Laguna. The exhibition also maintains ties with all that is local, as it also includes Latin American artists living in Madrid such as Teresa Margolles, Los Carpinteros, Patricia Esquivias and Andrea Canepa, and European artists who developed their careers in Latin America, such as Francis Alÿs.

Participating artists: Damián Ortega *, Los Carpinteros *, Ricardo Basbaum *, Wilfredo Prieto, Amalia Pica *, José Antonio Hernández-Díez *, Rubens Mano *, Jose Dávila *, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Jorge Pedro Núñez *, Rometti / Costales, Armando Andrade Tudela *, Jorge Macchi *, Arturo Herrera *, Jesus Soto *, Leda Catunda *, Francis Alÿs *, Gabriel Orozco *, Magdalena Jitrik, Teresa Margolles *, Ana Mendieta *, Artur Barrio *, Carlos Garaicoa, Gabriel Kuri *, Raimond Chaves & Gilda Mantilla *, Severo Sarduy, Sandra Cinto *, Nelson Leirner *, Óscar Muñoz *, Eduardo Abaroa *, Ana Mendieta *, Alexander Apóstol *, Juan Araujo *, Patricia Esquivias, Yoshua Okón *, Mariana Castillo Deball, André Komatsu *, Martín Legón, Mario García Torres, Jorge Satorre, Eder Oliveira, Milena Bonilla *, Andrea Canepa, Fernanda Laguna, Gabriel Acevedo, Dias & Riedweg, Daniel Jacoby, Ivan Grilo *, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Martín Sastre and Leonor Fini.

*Artists from the Fundación ARCO Collection

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