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Trade Meeting Point: Visitors Access


The FITUR Trade Meeting Point offers visitors a great opportunity to make contact with exhibitors and co-exhibitors at the trade fair before the  event, thus enabling them to obtain information regarding exhibitors' new features and events.

  • If you register for the Trade Meeting Point as of 1st November 2018 (included) you will receive via email from mid November your free direct access pass for one day for Fitur 2019.
  • You will enjoy permanent access to the Trade Meeting Point Area, a work-room featuring exclusive access, throughout the duration of Fitur.
  • You can announce your attendance at Fitur, the key event for all tourism professionals, to the entire tourist industry.
  • You may request appointments with exhibitors before the celebration of the trade fair, thus making the very most of your visit. With your password you can access to the exhibitors meeting requests through the online exhibitors catalogue.
  • You may contact with the exhibitors and co-exhibitors of your interest and discover their new features, products and services. The 10,000 companies which took part at the last staging of Fitur could turn into more than 10,000 business opportunities.
  • You will receive information regarding the most outstanding products presented by exhibitors, the new features they will be presenting at the trade fair, the range of services available, special events, acts and private presentations, ...
  • You will receive the trade fair's news bulletin, FITURNEWS, on a periodic basis, which includes useful information regarding the fair, the new features due to be presented by exhibitors and news concerning the industry.


The main benefits of being a trade visitor who has signed up for the Trade Meeting Point are:

  • Being part of a group of trade professionals who want to know what exhibitors are going to present at the trade fair before anyone else.
  • Exhibitors will be able to inform you directly and keep you up to date with regard to their products, services, new developments, promotional activities, events, etc. This will increase your business opportunities and networking in a very personalised way.
  • You can create a meeting diary with exhibitors to make the most of your participation in the trade fair by using the Meeting Service.

Remember: if you register for the Trade Meeting Point as of 1 November 2018, you will receive by email your free direct access pass for one day for Fitur 2019, thus facilitating your access to the trade fair.


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