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  The European Microwave Week (European Week of High Frequency Technologies: Radio Frequency, Microwave and Millimeter Waves) is held in Spain for the first time.

Foto The European Microwave Week (European Week of High Frequency Technologies: Radio Frequency, Microwave and Millimeter Waves) is held in Spain for the first time.

Between the 23rd and 28th of September, scientists, technologists and professionals from the sector of high frequency technologies (radio frequency, microwave and millimeter waves) from all over the world will meet at IFEMA with the aim of discussing and analyzing the new developments of the communication systems, both terrestrial and aerospace, the new architectures of radar systems, as well as wireless technologies, sensor systems and the latest developments in the field of semiconductors and materials for these technologies, together with their applicability in the fields more diverse including the areas of space, security and defense. The prestigious European Microwave Week (EuMW) brings together three Congresses: the European Microwave Conference (EuMC), the European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC), and the European Radar Conference (EuRAD). In addition to these three major congresses during the week, training workshops (workshops), courses and seminars are held for participants from both the industry and the scientific-technological sector. A fourth event is also held, the Defense, Security and Space Forum (Defense, Security and Space Forum). An important Industrial Exhibition is also organized, the second largest and most complete in the world, first at European level, in the sector of radiofrequency (RF), microwave and millimeter wave technologies, in which companies from all over the world participate. This Exhibition constitutes an essential part of the European Microwave Week.

First visit to Spain. It is the first time that this event, which is always organized in European capitals (latest editions in Nuremberg, London, Paris, etc.) is organized in Spain with the format described. IFEMA will host around 4,000 attendees, 7,000 m2 of space in the industrial exhibition with more than 300 international exhibitors (including Asia-Pacific, USA and Europe). Also, 1,600 delegates will have the opportunity to present their recent research or technological results and generate contacts and business opportunities.
The European Microwave Week is promoted by the European Microwave Association (EuMA), an international non-profit association with a scientific, educational and technical purpose, based in Brussels. The EuMA develops interdisciplinary training and research activities, promotes the aforementioned technologies at a European level and facilitates communication and connections between professionals in the sector. EuMA provides a unique voice to European scientists and engineers related to high frequency technologies (RF, microwave and millimeter waves), promotes public awareness, and helps to achieve full recognition of these disciplines by the European Union. The EuMA organizes symposiums at European level and, in particular, the European Microwave Conference (EuMC) and the European Microwave Week (EuMW), as well as other associated events.
Prior to the founding of the EuMA, EuMC had been held since 1969, every two years, first in London, then in Stockholm and then in Brussels. In 1974 it became annual, with an organizing committee with representation from each European country (or group of countries). In 1993 it was held in Madrid. But it was only in 1997, when EuMA was founded, that the conference began to form part of what is now known as European Microwave Week (EuMW), where it is integrated with the European Conference on Integrated Microwave Circuits (EuMIC) and the European Radar Conference (EuRAD), which will be held with this format this year in Madrid.
Prestigious awards in recognition of professionals in the sector. EuMA awards three awards to recognize professionals who have made exceptional contributions to the microwave community: the 'Distinguished Service Award' to recognize a person who has performed a prominent service for the benefit of the European microwave community and, in particular, for the advancement of the European Microwave Association, the 'Outstanding Career Award' to recognize a person "who throughout his career has obtained outstanding achievements in the field of microwaves", and the "Pioneer Award" 'that recognizes a person "responsible for a remarkable breakthrough in the field of microwaves that has had a lasting and significant effect on the microwave community."