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  Madrid will gather 3,000 professionals at the conference on transplantation and organ donation

Foto Madrid will gather 3,000 professionals at the conference on transplantation and organ donation

The 27th International Congress of The Transplantation Society (TTS) will be held in Madrid from June 30th to July 5th 2018 at IFEMA. It is the second time that this prestigious congress visits Spain, after the 1996 edition in Barcelona. The conference will bring together high-level professionals to discuss the development of transplant programs, donation and organ procurement. Considered a subject of high medical as well as social relevance, and in which Spain is especially strong (it has been for 26 years the world leader in donations and transplants with 46.9 donors per million inhabitants)

Spain, world leader in organ donation. Spain boast 26 years of global leadership in the area of transplants. According to the data presented by the National Transplant Organization (ONT): in 2017 there were 5,259 transplants (a rate of 113 per million population), with a forecast of over 5,000 for 2020. Those figures give special relevance to the celebration of the TTS 2018 congress in the Spanish capital, and mean a pride for the national community of professionals of this fields, and citizens who support this initiative.

TTS has recognized the leadership of Spain in donation and transplantation, and the Spanish model has become a world reference. TTS and the National Transplant Organization (ONT) were awarded the Prince of Asturias Award (considered the Spanish equivalent of the Nobel Prize) in 2010 in the field of International Cooperation in recognition of their joint efforts in the promotion of ethical practices in transplants. And as always, the congress is a way to make this discipline more dynamic, give it a forum for debates and exchanges of experiences, and thus improve public health.

A congress with a high-level scientific program. Thanks to the Madrid Transplant Society (SMT) and the Spanish Transplant Society (SET), the congress has put together a high profile scientific committee with the aim of developing an extensive program that will cover various topics, from cutting-edge science to latest controversies in ethics and public policy. In addition, the program will be marked by sessions of experts who will discuss topics such as organ donation, the transformation of big data in medicine and transplantation, or future developments in transplants: from immunotherapy to tissue engineering.

Madrid, a great congress city. This is a new success for Madrid and concretely for IFEMA. Madrid is a cosmopolitan metropolis that combines modern infrastructure with an extensive cultural and artistic heritage, without forgetting the excellent air and land connections. IFEMA will offer its spaces to host the congress, which has been located in the North Convention Center and in Hall 10.