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  World Dental Congress at IFEMA

Foto World Dental Congress at IFEMA

Madrid will host the 105th edition of the FDI World Dental Congress from 29 August to 1 September

Madrid. 22 June 2017. - Madrid is getting ready to host the FDI World Dental Congress 2017 at IFEMA from 29 August to 1 September.

The FDI World Dental Congress is one of the world’s oldest international events and is held annually by one of the oldest medical organisations. The FDI Congress is the main international meeting point for sharing policy, information and ideas about dentistry and oral health. It is also a highly reliable source of continuing education that allows dentists and other oral health professionals to stay abreast of the latest technologies, techniques and practices. It regularly offers courses in more than 30 countries. It also includes the World Oral Health Forum, which is an opportunity to debate what is happening in oral health and related matters.

This multidisciplinary congress has an exceptional scientific programme, which attracts top level national and international professionals to give talks on the latest technological advances in dentistry and oral health. It is a great opportunity for dentists wanting to up-to-date information on different fields of the profession, since this knowledge can be put into practice.

Continuous education is still an extremely important aspect of this meeting, as well as practical workshops, meetings with speakers, working lunches and visits to the trade exhibition.

  A dynamic sector

The dental industry is an essential partner for the oral health profession. Their symbiotic relationship is even more important today, due to new materials, technology and treatment philosophies.  An indicator of this dynamism are the great expectations for the meeting, which is breaking all previous records, with 1,020 Abstracts (486 Posters and 534 Oral Communications) which have been received from authors in 46 countries, far more than the number of works sent to all previous FDI conferences, which will make it the dental event of the decade.

This four-day congress will be attended by visitors and exhibitors from more than 90 countries. In addition, around 350 exhibitors and more attendees to the Congress than ever are expected (there were 12,000 at the 2016 event). Among the attendees will be experts in Odontology, Periodontics, Endodontics and Oral Surgery from all over the world.

Madrid has hosted three World Dental Congresses, including one of the first annual meetings, in 1903, by invitation of Spanish doctor: Florestan Aguilar, who was one of the founding fathers of the FDI. He was once its President and General Secretary, and he was a member of the Federation for more than 30 years.

Spain, fourth European market

 According to Eurostat 2016 statistics, of the 330,000 dentists in Europe, almost a tenth are in Spain (32,429, meaning that it is the fourth dental market of the continent. Annual sales of dental equipment way are worth more than 65 million euro, while growth in the dental market is at an estimated 2% per year.

General programme:



The objectives of the Congress are:

• Gather scientific experts from around the world to catalyse and make progress in scientific knowledge on oral health, present the results of recent research, and promote and improve scientific cooperation around the world.

• Bring together community leaders, scientists and politicians to promote and improve programmed collaboration to better cover regional, national and local response to oral health problems around the world, overcoming the barriers that limit access to prevention, attention and services.

• Recruit, in the development and participation of the Congress Programme, new and non-traditional professionals from around the world.

FDI. The International Dental Federation is the main body that represents more than a million dentists in the world. From developing health policies to lifelong educational programmes, and speaking on behalf of the dental professional with one voice in international promotions and support to member associations in world oral health promotional activities.

It is the world’s leading organisation committed to oral health. It carries out educational programmes, awareness campaigns, congresses and initiatives designed to drive the field of dentistry. It also advocates that oral health should be a priority on health agendas and global development and pushes for its integration in chronic disease prevention programmes.

The FDI, founded in Paris, and currently headquartered in Geneva, has dental associations in 130 countries. It operates nationally and internationally through its own activities and its member dental associations. It also takes part in official relations with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and is a member of the World Health Professions Alliance.

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