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  Great technology and fluid formats: 7,000 air traffic control professionals gather at IFEMA

Foto Great technology and fluid formats: 7,000 air traffic control professionals gather at IFEMA

From 7th to 9th of March 2017, the World ATM congress was held in IFEMA, organized as in its previous editions by Conference Studio. A 5th edition which stands out for its technical improvements as well as a constant mix of training, exhibition and networking, a key combination to maximise engagement. The result: a resounding success and an obvious satisfaction of the association, which has decided to extend its contract in Madrid and with Conference Studio until 2022.

Figures looking up. There is no doubt about the health of a congress that arrived in Madrid with the ambition of having 3,000 attendees: this edition reached 7,000 attendees, a considerable increase compared to 5,000 last year. According to Smara Iglesia, head of Conference Studio, "when you know a congress from birth, you are much better able to improve in each edition.

Reinforcements in wifi and electrical equipment. Technology can not fail, even less at a congress where large contracts are signed. So IFEMA ensured impeccable wifi coverage and technical service: during this congress, they proposed a team specialised in wifi and electricity at the service of the client and the exhibitors. "We had five technicians during the conference, with incredible coverage; every time a booth had a problem, they were there. They also installed a temporary office next to our technical secretariat and could easily be located at any time", Smara details. 

Open theaters to promote networking. The key was to unify the education sessions and the exhibition, that traditionally were more separated, so as to give life and maximize traffic in the expositor area. So they designed open theaters in the very exhibition area. It was so important to facilitate training and communication sessions that they even improvised a ‘popup theater’, from one day to the next. Content is king!

To meet the sound challenges, the main theater had a system with hung soundproof curtains, while the spaces on the show floor used a sound system that concentrated the sound towards the public.  

Local touch. Beyond doing business and promoting networking, local experiences were key. So the congress included local giant figures and big heads disguised as chirimías, drums, as a way of impacting and surprising in a technological and scientific congress. 

This congress also changed the traditional concept of hostesses, to a staff that welcome delegates with a coffee, the printed daily magazine of the congress, and ideally in their language.

A success, and a client undoubtedly happy: they have confirmed they stay in Madrid until 2022.