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  Close to 8,000 nephrologists gather in IFEMA for the ERA-EDTA

Foto Close to 8,000 nephrologists gather in IFEMA for the ERA-EDTA

Great moment for the “kidney community” which came to Madrid to celebrate the ERA-EDTA Congress (European Renal Association-European Dialysis and Transplant Association). A congress which has a clinical approach that is much appreciated by the participants, but also a careful eye towars basic science, and consequently gathers a very large attendance.

Change and innovation have been on the agenda of ERA-EDTA for years already. If inovation includes technology, then the association fares well. It launched an app years ago and constantly improve it. Last year ERA-EDTA also launched an e-learning platform that makes the congress content availabe for the whole year. To get everyone aboard the social train is also very active on social media. All of this enable an interesting interactive.



Get the young on board is a challenge for many congresses. The association has a platform for young nephrologists, which is active throughout the year, and it strives to make it easier for these professionals to get involved. This includes free membership programmes and they also connect them to experienced professionals.

As a great ghatering of professionals related to this discipline, attendees now go beyond doctors: compliance makes it difficult to significantly involve patients, but the association is open to anyone which Works in a field of interest of the association. The congress will include a day devoted to nurses and dieticians.

Though scientific content is important, the ERA-EDTA includes other contents which make the Congress more human and introduce a new format and an interactive workshops about improving communication of doctors and nurses with the patients.

A congress is a specific highlight, but the association has a lots of other iniciatives.

Find out more information about our case study where we talked with Monica Fontana, Executive Manager of ERA-EDTA. You will find all the information about the congress.(link)