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  The Palliative care comunity gathers in IFEMA

Foto The Palliative  care comunity gathers in IFEMA

Palliative care is a discipline of social relevance, but also a broad medical discipline, in which science is completed with human dimensions: nursing and care, psychology, and even a moral dimension. The European Association of Palliative Care (EAPC) has hosted its 2017 congress in Madrid, gathering near 3,000 delegates.

This is a multidisciplinary congress which involves, besides physicians, a wide range of health care professionals such us nurses, physiologists, psychologists. At this congress, the EAPC also wants to acknowledge the role of non professionals, as many people are involved in Palliative Care as volunteers. So they took the opportunity of the congress to launch the “EAPC Madrid Charter on volunteering in Hospice and Palliative Care” to acknowledge their work. In recent years there has also been an increase in the number of stands from not-for-profit palliative care organizations.

The event is a great conversation. There are six large sessions with presentations from well-known speakers, but for the most part, the congress consists in many parallel sessions, with over 200 speakers, and 16 “meet the experts” sessions. These are talks with smalls groups in a very interactive format. To animate the conversation, the event has long coffee and lunch breaks, to give people time to talk and exchange, and to enjoy the posters area with more than 1,000 posters.

EAPC Congress was located at IFEMA’s North Convention Centre and Hall 10.

Find out more about our case studie where we talked with Julie ling, Executive Director of European Association of Palliative Care. You will find all the information about the congress, technologhy, formats and the local communication. (link)