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Welcome to IFEMA Congresses and Events Madrid, a division specialised in managing space for trade fairs, events and congresses. If you wish to hire a space and guarantee the success of your event, we suggest you view the five types of space available at Feria de Madrid, an exhibition complex which is characterised by excellent functionality, modern design, and multi-purpose, well-equipped and versatile installations.

A ride around the 5 types of space:

North Convention Centre

Located in the building at the North Entrance with an area of 10,000 square metres, possesses a total of 20 rooms, 18 of which are on the first floor. It is found through a grand entrance hall filled with natural light, and its size makes it the ideal space for exhibitions of up to 468 square metres net, or for providing catering services during the event.

Rooms N101+N102 and N105+N106 are multi-purpose as they have separating panels, allowing the hosting of events from 100 to 480 people

Joined together, N103 and N104 comprise the North Auditorium, which holds 1,100 seats

The remaining 12 rooms (N107 to N118), with capacities from 70 to 200 people, may be paired to better adapt to the needs of the event.

On the second floor, the Colón and Neptuno rooms boast large open-air terraces.

South Convention Centre

Located in the Feria de Madrid Buiding´s South Entrance, also close to public transportation, boasts an Auditorium which can host 600 people. The spacious entrance hall leading to the Auditorium is the perfect venue for cocktails and coffee breaks.

There are another 20 small rooms close to the auditorium.

Hall Rooms

The offer of space for meetings at Feria de Madrid is completed with 45 rooms. These rooms are perfectly adequate as working rooms and for small meetings. They are located in two areas. 35 of them, holding between 12 and 120 people, are situated in La Avenida (the Central Avenue), in the mezzanines of halls 1-10.

  • Business Centre.Located in the mezzanine of halls 7 and 9, has a reception area, a living room, as well as four small meeting rooms and a catering office
  • Goya Room. Located in La Avenida between halls 4 and 6, is a space of 500 sqm that has a lobby, a cetering office and a small storage room.

In halls 12 and 14, there are another ten rooms which can host between 40 and 90 people, while the Oriente room is an additional multi-purpose space for events of greater size.

Halls and Catwalk

For larger scale meetings, IFEMA offers clients its halls. Trade fairs, shareholders´meetings, sporting events, car clinics, civil service exams, concerts, everything is possible in the Feria de Madrid´s 12 halls.

The Catwalk located in Hall 14, first floor is the ideal space for unique events for surprising the audience. Offers 720 seats which can be extended for a maximum of 910  people. Outside there is an available space of 6,000 sqms which gives the possibility to set up any activity you can imagine.

Outdoor spaces

For filming and recording and a vast array of different and special events.

IFEMA Congresses and Events Madrid:

Logo de la Oficina de Congresos de Madrid.
Madrid Convention Bureau.
Logo de la Asociación Internacional de Congresos y Convenciones.
International Congress & Convention Association.
 Logo de la Asociación de Palacios de Congresos de España.
Spanish Association of Congress Venues.
Logo de la Asociación Internacional de Centros de Congresos.
International Association of Congress Centres.
Logo de la Asociación internacional de profesionales de eventos y reuniones
Meeting Professional International.
Logo de la Federación Española de Empresas Profesionales de Congresos.
Spanish Federation of Professional Congress Organizers.


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