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  Energy efficiency is the main theme of the 7th Innovation Gallery at CLIMATIZACION 2015

Foto Energy efficiency is the main theme of the 7th Innovation Gallery at CLIMATIZACION 2015

There has been a significant increase in the number of proposals submitted and in the products finally selected, of which there are 14 this year.

From 24 to 27 February 2015 the gallery will be recognising the most innovative offerings made by the exhibiting companies participating in CLIMATIZACION

Advances in energy efficiency and sustainability with sophisticated control systems and facilities for the installation and adaptation of refrigerants to the new regulations are the main products being exhibited this year

A total of 14 products have been selected this year to be presented at the 7th Innovation Gallery at CLIMATIZACIÓN. This space for dissemination of R&D&I within the sector will be highlighting the most innovative products at the Salón Internacional de Aire Acondicionado, Calefacción, Ventilación y Refrigeración, organised by IFEMA, which will be held from 24 to 27 February 2015 at Feria de Madrid.

The Innovation Gallery will feature products which in the view of a panel of experts are worthy of being classified as innovative. The base assessment criteria which have been established are the degree of innovation, energy efficiency, respect for the environment, quality, design and the use of renewable energies.
In this year’s edition it is important to emphasise the significant increase in the number of applications received and the number of products selected; a sign of optimism that underscores the innovative efforts of the manufacturers and the importance of CLIMATIZACION as a platform for launching new products onto the market.

And, indeed, energy efficiency is visible throughout the Gallery this year, accompanied by exciting technological advances that allow the adaptation of equipment and solutions to current regulatory and market requirements in terms of sustainability, as well as truly reflecting the lines of development of the sector. It is a set of products offering innovations in control systems, in the use of new refrigerants, the use of renewable energies and the design of global solutions, among others, all of which represent the front line of R&D&I in the sector.

Selected Products

Webserver Cloud from Airzone CLIMA
Webserver Cloud is a platform for communication between dynamic electricity rates and Airzone climate control systems. This allows the optimisation of power consumption generated by HVAC units by integrating three key factors: user preferences, the operation of the HVAC system and the electricity rate available at that moment.

Cam Combi Alarm, from AKO ELECTROMECANIC
This is a safety kit for central cooling systems that combines a gas leak detection alarm and a “person inside” alarm for cooling chambers, offering dual functionality in a single device. Easy to install, this solution detects and alerts you to any leakage of refrigerant gas and the presence of a person in a cooling chamber.

Energy Valve is an electronic control valve with two-way application in hydraulic circuits which, independently of the pressure, incorporates flow measurement using ultrasound and the magnetic inductive principle, as well as the flow and return temperature measurement for the terminal unit it controls. From these measurements, it calculates the instantaneous power, the thermal gap and power consumption in the terminal unit.

These are inverter units for cold food production, either at positive or negative temperature, with water ring cooling for use in refrigeration of food shelves and compartments in supermarkets and shops. The unit manages all the necessary actions of the refrigeration units, regardless of whether they are display cases, islands and cabinets, chambers, wall units or containers, both for refrigeration and freezing.

The Aquair Premium unit allows dehumidification and treatment (heating or cooling) of the air in an enclosure. This is a dehumidification heat pump with a refrigeration circuit, with total recovery of condensation heat, specially designed for conventional indoor pools and other uses of dehumidification. It handles the introduction of external air for renewal and the recovery of energy from exhaust air with an innovative method of achieving the recovery of the exhaust air through the refrigeration circuit.

Another selected product from CIAT is Aquaciat2Hybrid, a compact hybrid unit that combines the advantages of two highly efficient thermal generation systems: a reversible heat pump and a condensing boiler fuelled by natural gas. The PLUG & HEAT system incorporates all the hydraulic and refrigeration elements necessary for its operation, and a control system that ensures the safety and optimal performance of the entire system in its different operating modes.

Ururu-Sarara, from DAIKIN AC SPAIN
The new feature of this residential HVAC system lies in the use of the environmentally-friendly refrigerant R32, which improves on the performance of current refrigerants. It also offers design, comfort, efficiency, environmentally-friendly operation and innovation. Its new fin design directs the air and manages to avoid direct draughts being felt by the user. Cold air is directed upward leading to an improved distribution of air around the room. If operating with heated air, an additional flap is used that directs the air towards the floor to ensure that the heating remains even and to prevent stratification of the air. Additionally, it is possible to use the motion sensor, which if activated detects people and diverts the air flow to another part of the room. Finally, Ururu-Sarara is capable of humidifying in winter without the need of adding water.

Evolution F-Gas, from TEWIS SMART SYSTEMS, S.L.U.
This is an automatic refrigerant leak detection system which is convenient and secure, consisting of a set of controllers, level detectors, gas detectors and probes designed to provide a warning when there is a gas leak in the system.

Grasso BluAstrum Gea is a highly compact and efficient cooling unit, water-cooled and based on a screw compressor, which provides capacities from 550 to 1730 kW and has secondary fluid temperature of between -15ºC and 15°C. It offers a sustainable design with the use of ammonia as a refrigerant, with very high reliability and low maintenance costs.

Efimarket, from INTARCON
A combined refrigeration control panel with cooling and air conditioning, which is used in indirect refrigeration production systems with low greenhouse effect HFC gases, with distribution of positive cold via water glycol pumping and hot/cold distribution for air conditioning via a dual-pipe water circuit. Aimed at the supermarket sector, it offers an innovative refrigerating plant which reduces the rate of greenhouse refrigerant leakage to zero and is able to meet the cooling requirements of a supermarket at the lowest possible energy cost.

Energy by Lennox, from LENNOX
A new range of rooftop units based on the use of aluminium profiles and panels in the air handling section. All the elements are mounted on a common support that provides rigidity and makes the unit compact. It provides flexibility, increases the resistance to corrosion and reduces the overall weight. The panels have a higher heat resistance than current ranges and ensure high indoor air quality, avoiding contamination of supply air with particles from the insulation. Additionally, the cooling section is designed according to the standards of EcoDesign 2017 to guarantee its energy efficiency and classification. The Energy range is intended for those applications that require precise regulation, high indoor air quality and a high level of comfort. It can cover traditional uses in the rooftop unit market, such as supermarkets, restaurants, cinemas, etc. as well as industrial applications, warehouses and assembly plants.

Heating with wood pellets also has its place in the Gallery, this time presented by ÖKOFEN CALEFACCIÓN CON PELLETS, and its product Pellematic Condens. A heating system with certified pellets and a pellet boiler which incorporates condensation technology. The level of innovation is also visible in the storage concepts, touch screen and smart solutions for homes with low energy consumption.

Air conditioning and hot water together in a single system. This is the offering in the hybrid system from MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC which combines production of aerothermal hot water and direct expansion air conditioning with heat recovery, which is reused for free domestic hot water. Thus, the ambient heat can be exploited and the hybrid system tackles heat recovery in the internal circuit of the system.


Also selected from MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC are their new City Multi outdoor heat recovery units “PURY-EP-YLM”, a system with only two pipes, capable of recovering excess heat from units operating in cooling mode and sending it to units that require heat, enabling greater energy efficiency

Madrid, capital of energy efficiency
CLIMATIZACIÓN 2015 will be held in conjunction with GENERA, Feria Internacional de Energía y Medio Ambiente, from 24 to 27 February. Together these two events will turn the Spanish capital into a professional meeting point and will allow visitors to benefit from the synergies arising from their content.

Organised by IFEMA and promoted by the Association of Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers (AFEC), the CLIMATIZACIÓN Trade Fair has established itself as a leading international industry benchmark and a platform of excellence for the promotion and dissemination of business proposals. Technological advances, investment in R&D&I and a commitment to energy efficiency and respect for the environment will once again be the main issues at this year’s edition.

Together with INNOVATION GALLERY, CLIMATIZACIÓN will offer its visitors other educational and informative spaces, such as the FORO CLIMA, the technical meetings programme, the Applied Techniques Workshop aimed at installers, or the Outstanding Applications Hall, an activity primarily designed for engineers.


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