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  New regulations, technological innovation and energy efficiency are the focus of the content at FORO CLIMA 2015

Foto New regulations, technological innovation and energy efficiency are the focus of the content at FORO CLIMA 2015

The programme of technical sessions for the FOROCLIMA salon will be held on 25 and 26 February at Feria de Madrid

Two full sessions and over 50 presentations mean that FORO CLIMA will be a unique place for learning about the sector today

Two plenary sessions and more than 50 presentations make up FORO CLIMA, the programme of technical sessions at CLIMATIZACIÓN, Salón Internacional de Aire Acondicionado, Calefacción, Ventilación y Refrigeración, organised by IFEMA, which will be held from 24 to 27 February 2015 at Feria de Madrid.

FORO CLIMA will address issues of particular interest to the industry and will offer a unique space for analysis and discussion. In this context, experts and professionals from business and academia will be able to share their experiences and update their knowledge. The sessions will be run alongside the main sessions, on 25and 26 February.

As in previous editions, the final line-up on the FORO CLIMA programme is the result of an open call in which professionals, companies, associations and other entities in the sector present their content proposals. Subsequently, the Technical Committee of the Organising Committee of the Trade Fair conducts an evaluation process, analysing the proposals and making a selection based on the quality, timeliness and relevance of the themes.

Full sessions: Heat Pump and Sustainable Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Entitled “The Heat Pump: Heating and Domestic Hot Water (DHW)”, the first full session will be held on 25 February, focusing on equipment which is once again current after the adoption of several Directives on energy efficiency and renewable energy and which is set to be a system capable of using this type of energy efficiently. Moreover, the rapid evolution of its components has allowed it to expand its scope of application and gain access to niche markets dedicated to other alternatives, especially in the field of heating and domestic hot water.

“Sustainable Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Retrocommissioning as an improvement in performance in Existing Buildings” and the challenges that the building sector is going to be facing in the next five years will be the focus of the second plenary session at FORO CLIMA on 26 February. Starting out from a focus on technical and economic sustainability, there will be an in-depth look at the key issues in achieving “Buildings with Almost Zero Energy Consumption”, which feature low energy consumption, largely as a result of renewable sources.

Among other issues, subjects will be addressed such as the progress involved in the new Technical Building Code (2013) in this area, the advantages of incorporating technology into buildings and monitoring energy consumption, the importance of installing efficient equipment, and the widespread use of renewable energy.

“Retrocommissioning” will also be presented as a tool for improving performance in existing buildings.

Free Presentations

The FORO CLIMA programme also includes a total of 55 presentations based on different themes, which will look at new policy developments; energy efficiency in existing projects and facilities; technology applied to equipment and solutions; interior comfort, well-being and ventilation systems; industrial, commercial and hospitality industry cooling and a new section based on refrigerants.

Indeed, in this new section, industry professionals will be able to take an in-depth look at the legislative changes involved in the adoption by the European Parliament and of the European Council of the Regulations on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases, which aim to reduce the use of fluorinated gases due to their high environmental impact, which could be of great importance for the future of the HVAC industry. There will also be discussion of the new tax levied on the use of refrigerants (Tax on Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases) in force since 1 January 2014, which provides for tax penalties on what are known as halogenated hydrocarbons due to their negative impact on the atmosphere and which affects manufacturers, workshops and final consumers alike.

Madrid, capital of energy efficiency
CLIMATIZACIÓN 2015 will be held in conjunction with GENERA, the GENERA, Feria Internacional de Energía y Medio Ambiente, from 24 to 27 February. Together these two events will turn the Spanish capital into a professional meeting point and will allow visitors to benefit from the synergies arising from their content.
Organised by IFEMA and promoted by the Association of Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers (AFEC), the CLIMATIZACIÓN Trade Fair has established itself as a leading international industry benchmark and a platform of excellence for the promotion and dissemination of business proposals. Technological advances, investment in R&D&I and a commitment to energy efficiency and respect for the environment will once again be the main issues at this edition.

Together with FORO CLIMA, CLIMATIZACIÓN will offer its visitors other educational and informative spaces, such as the Applied Techniques Workshop, aimed at installers, or the Outstanding Applications Hall, an activity primarily designed for engineers. Also, as usual, the INNOVATION GALLERY will showcase an interesting selection of products, equipment and cutting-edge solutions from the exhibiting companies.


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