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  The TAC Workshop at CLIMATIZACIÓN 2015 promotes best installation practices

Foto The TAC Workshop at CLIMATIZACIÓN 2015 promotes best installation practices

This event, organised in collaboration with Asefosam, offers installers interesting practical and instructive sessions

Remote management and cost distribution in a heating system; domestic microgeneration installation; cooling systems using non-fluorinated gases; handling of fluorinated gases; aerothermic HVAC systems, and ventilation systems with heat recovery make up the workshops of this edition

The fair will be held in conjunction with GENERA between 24 and 27 February at Feria de Madrid

CLIMATIZACIÓN International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration Exhibition which is organised by IFEMA, will take place at Feria de Madrid from 24 to 27 February 2015. The Fair will again host TAC, the Applied Techniques Workshop. This event, organised in collaboration with Asefosam (Association of Plumbing, Drainage, Gas, Heating, Air Conditioning, Electricity, Maintenance and Related Companies of Madrid), aims to improve knowledge and good practices among installers.

The TAC workshop, which is educational and practical, will address six issues of great interest and relevance for professionals. Thus, the presentations will use real, operational installations, prepared specifically for each session.

The first one, "Remote management and cost distribution in heating systems, will feature a a centralised type of heating system, automated by a latest generation PLC endowed with the communication mechanisms needed for remote control and management. Professionals can also deepen their knowledge of cost-distribution systems in heating installations, a topic of great currency as some government agencies, such as the Department of Industry of the Community of Madrid, have launched Renovation Plans to promote the use of such systems in thermal installations. This exhibition aims to introduce sector professional into this field by providing practical information in three very specific areas: distribution systems themselves; electronic thermostatic valves as a means of regulating and controlling domestic installations, and the need to perform a preliminary hydraulic balancing of the installation.

"Domestic microgeneration installations" is the title of a completely novel demonstration where visitors can see, in real and practical terms, what they have previously learned from a theoretical point of view. Specifically, they will witness a full simulation of a house complete with all its installations (electricity, heating, hot water, air conditioning, etc.) whose only power source is a micro-generating machine which, using a gas combustion motor, is capable of meeting all domestic energy needs.

One of the major concerns of professionals in the HVAC industry is the use of systems that can replace fluorinated greenhouse gases, thereby ending their environmental problems. For this reason, a session analysing "Cooling systems using non-fluorinated gases" will be held. Using demonstration equipment supplied with gases of this kind (oxybutane, CO2 ...), the session addresses the main differences in work processes when installing and/or maintaining the type of equipment and tools and specific equipment needed to carry out this activity successfully.

"Handling fluorinated gases" will be the subject of the fourth demonstration as an additional contribution towards environmental awareness among professionals. This is a very important issue because, in daily professional practice, there is evidence of a great deal of ignorance on certain mandatory technical processes and serious doubts on their use. The workshop will make a practical demonstration of all the processes involved in handling fluorinated gases and the precautions to be taken in each case.

The fifth presentation will focus on "HVAC systems by aerothermics" (air-water heat pumps) and will aim to inform visitors about the techniques that harness the energy in the air, transform it and use it in residential HVAC systems. This system is commonly used in other European countries and is also being introduced in Spain.

Finally, the session "Ventilation with heat recovery", will use a test-bench with an on-off ventilation system and one fitted with a variable speed fan and energy recovery system to address the issue of whether domestic ventilation conforms to current regulations (HS-03); the description of ventilation systems; the installation component (hybrid and mechanical); aspects of the regulations and control, and energy efficiency in ventilation.

Madrid, capital of energy efficiency
CLIMATIZACIÓN 2015 will be held in conjunction with GENERA, the International Energy and Environment Exhibition in the halls of FERIA DE MADRID, from 24 to 27 February. With both events going on at the same time, the Spanish capital will become a professional meeting point where visitors will be able to benefit from synergies arising from the content of the events, and discover first-hand the latest products, equipment and systems, with technological innovation and environmental and energy commitment as the common theme.


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