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  CLIMATIZACIÓN attracted a total of 43,688 visitors and GENERA 20,014

Foto CLIMATIZACIÓN attracted a total of 43,688 visitors and GENERA 20,014

More than 60,000 trade visitors attended CLIMATIZACIÓN and GENERA 2013

Organised by IFEMA, both trade fairs were held from 26 February to 1 March, bringing together all the new developments and products from more than 900 companies, in an event dominated by technological progress, with energy efficiency and sustainability take centre stage

CLIMATIZACIÓN, the International Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration Fair, and GENERA, the Energy and Environment International Trade Fair, closed their doors on another successful event, attracting more than 60,000 visitors together.

With the two events held simultaneously at the Feria de Madrid Exhibition Centre, the Spanish capital became the focal point for the industry, showing firsthand all the latest innovations and cutting-edge products from more than 900 companies – both directly and represented - as well as all the latest market trends. The event was dominated by technological progress, while energy efficiency and sustainability took centre stage.

Looking at the figures in more detail, CLIMATIZACIÓN, held from 28 February to 1 March, received 43,688 visitors from 78 countries. This year international visitors represented 8.8% of the total, with a standout presence of trade visitors from Portugal, Italy, France, Germany and China. The nationwide reach of the event was also noteworthy, with more than 60% of visitors hailing from outside of Madrid, with a particular strong showing from Andalusia, Castilla-la Mancha, Castilla y León, Catalonia and Valencia.

As for GENERA, held from 26 to 28 February, a total of 20,014 visitors attended the event, of which 4.5% where international visitors, chiefly from Portugal, Germany, Italy, China, France and Mexico. As for domestic visitors, 51.5% came from outside of Madrid, attracting a strong presence, like CLIMATIZACIÓN, from Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Catalonia and Valencia.

Trade visitors

The figures from both events show the high proportion of professional visitors. The largest visitor group at CLIMATIZACION was made up of representatives from installation firms, who made up 22.5% of the total; followed by maintenance companies with 13.6% and engineering firms with 11.1%. At GENERA, the largest professional group was also from the field of installation and maintenance, with 15.9%, followed by consultancy and engineering firms specialised in project design and development, representing 15.3%.

Conferences, workshops and other activities, all with capacity attendance

The numerous technical events, presentations, workshops and other activities at the two fairs were also a great success. On the one hand, the programme of conferences held at CLIMATIZACION, FORO CLIMA, over 27 and 28 February attracted 2,300 participants. Meanwhile, the Applied Techniques Workshop –Taller TAC-, organised by ASEFOSAM (the Madrid Business Association for the Plumbing, Sanitation, Gas, Heating, Air-Conditioning, Electricity, Maintenance and Related Sectors) and aimed at installation technicians, was attended by 3,900 professionals, and the first ever Outstanding Applications Class, focusing on the world of engineering, brought together 600 participants.

At GENERA, the Technical Workshops program run over the three-day fair attracted a total audience of 2,300.

What the companies thought

In general terms, the simultaneous holding of CLIMATIZACION and GENERA was welcomed both by visitors interested in energy efficiency and sustainability, who were able to view a wide and complementary range of exhibits, and for exhibitors, who were also satisfied with the synergies generated by the two events being held side-by-side.

The standout factors for many exhibiting companies were the large number of visitors, their strong professional profiles and qualifications, and the quality of the additional activities, with the companies stating that the event exceeded their expectations, despite the difficult economic climate.

José María Raya, Managing Director of INTARCON, stated that “everyone who needed to be at CLIMATIZACIÓN was there, and that was the key for us”. Koldo Uría, Marketing Director at DOMUSA, added his own strong tribute to the event, applauding the fairs being held jointly. "There were a lot of people from diverse industries", said Maite Berasategui, Director of Purchasing at ORKLI. This opinion was shared by María Tejedor, Head of Air Conditioning Marketing at SAMSUNG, who found there were “more people than expected, often highly professional and trade-related visitors".

"There were more trade visitors than in the past, showing a particular interest in new products and business opportunities". This was one of the conclusions drawn by Paloma Sanchez Cano, Marketing Director at DAIKIN, who welcomed the event being held side-by-side with GENERA “to the benefit of both fairs”.

ISOVER said they were surprised by the strong attendance. “There was a higher proportion of trade visitors", according to Claire Plateaux, Head of Air-Conditioning at the company. She also pointed to the secondary activities as a positive aspect, “they help because they discuss the hot topics in the industry and look at new developments. Holding the event in conjunction with GENERA", she added, "was also very positive. There are common areas for installation technicians, and for companies like us who are interested in energy efficiency and energy savings”.

LENNOX also expressed its satisfaction with the event and the two fairs being held together. This view was shared by Pilar González, Head of Communications and Marketing at CIAT. "Holding the event together with GENERA meant attracting a lot of visitors from the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency to CLIMATIZACIÓN. There were more trade visitors who showed real interest in our products", she adds. FRIGICOLL was of the same opinion, saying their expectations were exceeded and that the combined event with GENERA was “essential”.

There was similar approval from exhibitors at GENERA.

“We are very happy and our expectations were exceeded”, said BAXI ROCA. The company's Manager Marketing, Jaime Palleja, applauded the fair and the combination of the two events. Vanesa Morales, Head of Marketing at VAILLANT, also pointed to the strong showing from trade visitors and the benefits of holding the two fairs together. Tomás Díaz, Director of Communications at UNEF, emphasised “the success in terms of visitor numbers and the technical workshops, which were at capacity, as well as our ability to establish attractive domestic and international contacts”. For Díaz, holding the two trade fairs together was a success, as “self-consumption and air-conditioning are closely related, with plenty of synergies". According to Josep María Peiró, Marketing and Communications Manager at SHNEIDER, “our appraisal is excellent", adding that “we ended up with the double the number of contacts that we made in the past”, pointing to the joint celebration with CLIMATIZACIÓN as a very positive factor. He also was pleased with “the number of contacts made with the Latin America market and general contacts for international projects and operations". He also applauded the secondary activities, which were a major success. He concludes by describing SHNEIDER's time at GENERA as very encouraging, and revealing of the interest that self-consumption has generated among the public.

Meanwhile, Elena Méndez Bertolo from Acciona stated that "our involvement in the fair was very satisfactory, both as a place to meet clients, partners in research projects and other industry operators. We are very happy with the visibility that the event gave to our work and track record". She goes on, “We found there to be a strong level of visitors, with a wide variety of industry profiles. We were approached by international operators from Europe, Latin America and some from Africa. There was also a strong presence of energy students”.


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