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Peru, guest country in ARCOmadrid 2019

Madrid, 23 February 2018.- ARCOmadrid, International Contemporary Art Fair organised by IFEMA, follows the line of alternating its research axis in a concept, as in this year it focused on The future, with its traditional Guest Country section. ARCOmadrid 2019 will have Peru as guest country of honour.  Therefore, the 38th Edition of Peru in Arco will gather, from 20 to 24 February 2019, a selection of galleries performed by Sharon Lerner, contemporary art curator of the Museum of Art in Lima, that will bring to Madrid a wide cross-section of the contemporary production of that country.

The parallel programme will also cover a number of exhibitions in Madrid, under the curatorship of Fietta Jarque, art journalist and independent curator.  Through them, a view of the plastic culture of Peru, in its different sides, will be spread. Peru is a country with a cultural past that includes outstanding aesthetic milestones –from Pre-Colombian to the 20th-century avant-gardes and the influence of popular art -that are still a benchmark for contemporary creators. 

On the other hand, professionals from that country will take part in the Experts’ Forum, analysing both the artistic scene of Peru and other subjects related to collection, curation and critics in Peru.

After analysing the different international art scenes and the joint study by the organising committee of the Fair and IFEMA management, Peru will become one of the protagonist programmes of the next edition, whose proposal will complete the rest of sections forming ARCOmadrid, General Programme, Dialogues and Opening.

Although contemporary art collection in Peru has grown remarkably in the past decade, the quality of its artists has resulted in the profile of their presentation. We can talk about the most international generation of Peruvian artists, many of which –are under fifty years of age -and have developed a large part of their career in other countries. In ARCOmadrid the works of artists such as Fernando Bryce, Sandra Gamarra, Armando Andrade Tudela, Elena Damiani, Miguel Aguirre, Andrea Cánepa (Arco Madrid Region Award for Young Artists in 2014), Luz María Bedoya, Sergio Zevallos (Premio Illy Sustain Art in ARCOmadrid 2015), Daniel Jacoby, Aldo Chaparro, José Vera Matos, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, among others, have been presented.

Last year, a large sample of this artistic potential was presented in Madrid in the exhibition of Hochschild collection in Alcalá 31 Gallery of the Region of Madrid. Mariana and Eduardo Hochschild’s collection, that in 2017 were awarded the  “A” Awards for Collecting granted by the Fundación ARCO, exhibited 120 works from 58 artists from Peru. An excellent letter of introduction of what will be exhibited in Madrid Fair in 2019. 

Over the years, ARCOmadrid has included the participation of Peruvian galleries such as Lucía de la Puente, 80m2 de Livia Benavides or Revólver. This time, the final selection by the curator Sharon Lerner will be joined by other Spanish, European and North American galleries representing artists from Peru. The emphasis on the importance of artists and their origin above other geographic limitations will be also shown in the institutional space, which intends to diffuse the work of plastic creators from Peru from the past century to date.   
In the development of the Peruvian art scene to be noted is the role played by institutions such as the Museum of Art of Lima (MALI), the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), the Fundación AMIL, the Centre of Image, the Cultural Centre Inca Garcilaso of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other heterodox initiatives, such as LIMAC of the artist Sandra Gamarra. These will be present in the parallel programme through their contribution to different exhibitions in the city of Madrid. This deployment intends to approach to the public of Madrid and specialised visitors some of the less known aspects of art in Peru, both through a surprising journey to the past or to regions were new contemporary art movements have emerged, such as the Amazonia, and to highlight the importance of Peruvian photography from the last decades or video installations.

As a novelty, the Fundación Han Nefkens ARCO Awardwill be granted to the production of a video of a Peruvian artist that will be shown in Madrid and Lima in 2019.

ARCOmadrid and Latin America
Latin American presence has traditionally received a special treatment in ARCOmadrid due to the significant role played by the Madrid event, for the access and dialogue of artistic creation between Latin America and Europe. As early as 1997, ARCOmadrid dedicated its programme to Latin America, with the participation of fourteen Latin American countries in the Trade Fair, which consolidated it as the main trade platform for the projection of Latin American art in European markets. After this joint commitment, in 2005 Mexico was the guest country of the 14th edition of the Fair, where the plastics of the country was presented in all its splendour individually. In the same way, ARCOmadrid 2008 relied on Brazil as honour guest in a call that stood out for the diversity, freshness and richness of its languages and proposals, in 2015 Colombia took centre stage in the Fair, and in 2017 Argentina showed its strong consolidated art scene.

On the other hand, its link with the most modern Latin American creations is also reinforced with the Meeting of European and Latin American Museums, as well as with several Encounters and Fora where the presence of Latin American professionals is essential. 


Sharon Lerner, born in Lima, is the contemporary art curator in the Museum of Art in Lima (MALI). She received her Master Degree in Curatorial Practice in the California College of the Arts (2010). In 2008, Lerner was a member of the team of curators attached to the Visual Art Office of the Municipality of Miraflores, where she was involved in the development of several exhibitions. In 2010, she received the Curator’s Fellowship 101 from the Institute Wattis of Contemporary Art, supported by the Kadist Art Foundation. Lerner is co-author of Fragmented Corpus: Actions en Lima, 1966-2000 (Corpus fragmentado: acciones en Lima, 1966-2000); Arte No es Vida: Actions by Artists of the Americas, 1960-2000 (Arte no es vida: acciones de artistas de las Américas, 1960-2000) (New York, Museo del Barrio, 2008) and Post-Ilusiones: Nuevas Visiones, Arte Crítico en Lima 1980-2006 (Lima, Fundación Wiese, 2007). She has edited the book Arte contemporáneo. Colección Museo de Arte Moderno de Lima (MALI, 2013), as well as catalogues about the work of Armando Andrade Tudela, Fernando Bedoya, Emilio Rodríguez Larraín and Jorge Eielson. Since 2013 she is a member of the CIFO advisory committee. In 2015 she joined the team of curators for the research project Memories of Underdevelopment, organised by the Museum of Contemporary Art of San Diego, California; the Museum of Art of Lima –MALI and Museum Jumex of Mexico, as part of the initiative Pacific Standard Time: LA / LA of the Getty Foundation.


Fietta Jarque, born in Lima, has fulfilled most of her career in the journal El País, of Spain. Editor and art critic in the Culture section, she was in charge of the Art pages of the supplement Babelia for over a decade. Since 2012 she has been the curator of several exhibitions in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) of Lima. She is the author of the book Cómo piensan los artistas, which gathers 50 interviews with international contemporary artists, published in FCE in 2015. In 2016 she collaborated in the edition of La vida sin dueño, memoirs of the painter Fernando de Szyszlo (Alfaguara).