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  ARCOlisboa internationalises Portuguese art

Foto ARCOlisboa internationalises Portuguese art

Organised by IFEMA, the second edition kicked off last 18th of May and will today close its doors on a positive note

The fair, which has received around 10,000 visitors, particularly stood out for the quality of the collectors and works, the increase in professional visitors and the sales volume achieved.

Once again, the city and its institutions dedicated their full attention with events and exhibitions in the main museums, galleries and collection venues.

Following the close of the second edition this afternoon, ARCOlisboa is getting ready for a new event in 2018.

ARCOlisoba 2017, the fair organised by IFEMA, will today close its doors on its 2nd edition, now consolidated as a major art and cultural event in the Portuguese capital. Just a few hours before the Fair closes, the overall number of visitors is estimated to be over 10,000, and the quality of the collectors, the rise in professional visitors and the volume of sales particularly stand out. ARCOlisboa also serves as a tool to raise the Portuguese artists’ visibility among the international institutions and collectors visiting from Europe and America.  

The standard of the art programmes offered by the 58 international participating galleries, located in the historical Cordoaria Nacional building, in addition to the social and cultural programme in the city, provided the best incentive to draw international collectors and eminent professionals. 

Thus, ARCOlisboa will close on a positive note. Although the official sales figures are not yet available, right from day one the galleries’ optimism and the satisfaction of both collectors and institutions which have made numerous acquisitions have been very clear. The purchases include those made by Fundación ARCO which, on the advice of Miguel von Hafe and Manuel Segade, acquired a work by the artist Pedro Neves Marques, from the Italian gallery Umberto di Marino, which will go on to form part of the Colección Fundación ARCO, housed in the CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo de la Comunidad de Madrid. 

For its part, Fundaçao EDP also made acquisitions for its collection. Among the works acquired, the pieces by Ana Vidigal -Baginski-; Gil Heitor Cortesão Pedro Cera-, Patrícia Almeida -Pedro Oliveira-; Marco Pires, Vasco Barata -Fonseca Macedo-; Carlos Roque and Miguel Palma -Galeria Presença- are particularly worthy of mention.

Fundação de Serralves will enrich its collection with works acquired at the fair by the artists Yonamine -Cristina Guerra-; Gerardo Burmester -Fernando Santos-; Pedro Barateiro -Filomena Soares- and Renato Leotta –Madragoa-. 

In addition to these, there were further acquisitions by international museums, and both institutional and corporate purchases including those made by the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and other collections such as Mª Cristina Masaveu Peterson.

The positive evaluation of ARCOlisboa has been generalised. From Leandro Navarro they say that “the fair is gaining a very interesting profile with highly select guests and more art professionals. The collectors’ programme is working and a lot of Europeans and Latin Americans came in the first few days, in addition to Portuguese collectors, meaning we had a very good start to this edition. ARCOlisboa has a lot of flavour”. For its part, Vera Cortês states that “this year, the Fair is far higher quality than last and my sales are going really well”. At Murias Centeno they also highlighted the good pace of the sales that are also “taking place throughout the full five days, which is a good sign too”. And at Pietro Sparta they expressed their enthusiasm not just with the city of Lisbon and its potential, but also that “it’s been a very good edition for us, with good collectors from Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. It’s a very innovative fair and we will be back next year”. 

This second international edition of the ARCO fair has received a very warm welcome from Portugal’s institutions and companies, as confirmed by the presence of the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, the Minister for Culture, Luís Felipe de Castro Mendes, the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, and the Minister for Culture, Miguel Honrado, among other authorities and public and business figures from the country. From Spain, the event also enjoyed the institutional support of Luis Cueto, General Coordinator of Madrid City Council; Clemente González Soler, chairman of the Executive Committee of IFEMA, and Eduardo López-Puertas, managing director of IFEMA, to mention but a few.

The vibrant activity of the city which celebrated ARCOlisboa in every nook and cranny also made a huge contribution. It was joined in its enthusiasm by Lisbon’s main contemporary art players, not just the galleries, artists and institutions, but the collectors also offered participants moments to meet, sharing their collections with the Fair’s guests.  

ARCOlisboa, the fair organised by IFEMA which enjoys the support of the Fundaçao EDP, the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, the Portuguese Ministry for Culture, EGEAC, Turismo de Portugal, Turismo de Lisboa, and the collaboration of Café Pessoa in the public programme, will close the doors of its second edition today, May 21st, at 6pm, to begin work on ARCOlisboa 2018. 



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