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The demand for culture, an attraction with a major presence at FITUR, represents more than 50 billion euros for Spain

In Spain, the demand for culture represents more than 50 billion euros and, according to several studies, activities linked to cultural heritage in the European Union as a whole generate revenue of around 350 billion euros per year. Furthermore, to a growing extent, the cultural heritage is closely related to other economic activities such as tourism.

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G

Cultural tourism will have a presence in most of the destinations and exhibitors at FITUR. Some of them will place a special focus on their best artistic attractions, monuments and architectural works, as is the case with Andalusia, for example, which will be reinforcing the role of the Alhambra in Granada in the region’s tourism promotion by giving it its own display at the trade show.

Tourisfilmv is another good example of the excellent relations between tourism and culture. The project, which seeks to draw the attention of the tourism and audiovisual media industries to the new tourism segment/niche created by film and television shooting, will also be present at the trade show, sharing a stand with the National Travel Agencies Union.




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