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Spanish hotels, with a significant presence at FITUR, retain their high levels of quality and competitiveness

The crisis has not defeated the high quality of Spanish hotels. In 2013, the competitive levels of these establishments achieved ratings equal or higher than 8 out of 10 according to the HOTELS quality Index. The customers who gave the best ratings to our hotels were North Americans and Russians, whereas reputation was the variable with the best rating, no less than 9.4. The quality-price ratio has increased slightly, though the perceived quality of the facilities has dropped slightly.

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G

The quality of Spanish hotels is also measured by cleanliness. An international study of the hotel.info booking portal revealed that, in general, it is good. With 8.14 points, Spain occupies the middle of the list, one position behind Portugal (8.33 points), while customers give fewer points to hotels from the United Kingdom (7.66) or Denmark (7.51). If we compare the ten largest Spanish cities, Málaga (8.62 points) looks to be by far the cleanest, while hotels in Murcia (8.43) and Valencia (8.33) are also big on cleanliness. The capital, too, with 8.24 points, obtains a relatively good position in the national comparison.

A wide range of establishments from this sector, both national and international, will also be present at FITUR: Abba Hoteles, Barceló, Be Live, Best Hotels, Coral, Derby, Evenia, Expo, Gruphotel…




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