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MTNG Attitude: Compete to Be the Most Original

Next Spring-Summer 2013 Season, the designs from MTNG Attitude will go beyond the realm of the conventional, whilst maintaining the material quality levels and attention to detail that characterise this brand.

Imagen Noticia (G)

The collection will present a strong emphasis on more urban looks, in which the classic desert boot is presented in very fine suede and washed colours, alongside other more vibrant shades such as saffron. We will also come across a fusion between a shoe and sneaker design, both in plain suede and featuring openwork. Both ideas demonstrate the fact that comfort is not necessarily an obstacle when it comes to guaranteeing a sense of style.

An essential seafaring appeal will be presented in a series of boating models and moccasins featuring esparto soles and boasting a lively and vintage appeal. Here we will come across worn canvas and prints featuring characteristic sailor's stripes, although these are updated thanks to certain colour nuances and new combinations that go beyond the classic seafaring look.




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