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The New "E-Shop" Presented by Rebeca Sanver

The footwear company, Florencia Marco, has recently opened its first E-Shop.

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This consists of a new option on its web page that enables customers to purchase its shoes from the comfort of their own homes. The company sells its products under three brands: Rebeca Sanver, To Be and Los Niños al Salón. This recently established electronic shop presents its different models from a range of different angles, highlighting each and every detail of each footwear product. The images are accompanied by a description of their main characteristics (material, height of heel, etc.), whilst the majority also incorporate the option of changing the colour of the product in question. An automatic chat function also enables customers to get in contact with the company in order to resolve any doubts that may arise during the purchasing process. Furthermore, the new application from Florencia Marco offers the possibility of linking models, which means that it can recommend the designs that best suit the customer's profile.

The footwear products offered by Florencia Marco are organised according to brand, range, model, season, colour and size, based on an ordered and accessible system that makes any search quick and easy. The new designs for Spring-Summer 2012 are now available, based on discounts of up to 50% on some models.




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