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Joma Reorganises Its Operations in France

Since 1st April Joma has operated through its own commercial network in France.

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The sports company, which is unhappy with the results it has achieved in France to date, has decided to sever its links with a local operator and to tackle the French market on its own, taking advantage of the excellent momentum it has built up on the foreign markets. As of now, Joma will have seven sellers in France, who will be coordinated by the brand's European Exports Department in Spain. As distribution increases in accordance with the goals that have been established, the brand will gradually increase its network.

The first European country in which the brand took over the distribution of its products through its own sales network was Italy, at the beginning of the year 2000. Thanks to the growth that the brand has enjoyed throughout Italy in recent years, the network of sales-points has increased to the extent that the brand now covers 90% of the country. Therefore, Joma has become a veritable point of reference for five-aside-football equipment in Italy.

Joma operates in a similar manner in other countries such as Great Britain, Germany and Mexico.




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