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J'hayber Invites You to a Concert

The sports company, J'hayber, has organised a draw for two free tickets to a concert by Dani Martín, the former leader of the group, El Canto del Loco, which will take place on 17th May in Palma de Mallorca.

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In order to take part, those interested simply have to log on to the J'hayber Facebook page, click on "participate" and state the song they "wear out their J'hayber trainers to the most."

This collaboration between J'hayber and Dani Martín began almost a year ago when the musician began his solo career with the launch of the album entitled "Pequeño." The sports company has supported the singer for some time now, given that Dani Martín reflects the values that J'hayber identifies with: strength, energy, a fresh approach, etc.




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