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During the year, Institución Ferial de Madrid (IFEMA) will host 75 international trade fairs and congresses and over 500 events of other types that will generate an economic impact of 2 billion euros in the region

In 2014, it will hold eight large international congresses, with the attendance of over 50,000 professionals that will generate an occupancy of over 150,000 hotel stays in the city
IFEMA will allocate over 3 million euros to foster foreign trade among the exhibitors

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IFEMA starts 2014 with one of the year's first international tourism fairs, FITUR, which will be followed by 74 other fairs and congresses, as well as over 500 business events, gathering more than 32,000 companies from very diverse economic sectors and 2.8 million visitors in Madrid. This activity programme will be a turning point for Madrid's trade fair dynamics, with an estimated growth of 10%-15% in several parameters such as participating companies and square metres occupied and over 20% in visitors numbers with respect to 2013.

This surge in activity will reinforce the economic impact that business tourism generated by IFEMA brings to Madrid, quantified at around 2 billion euros. Once again, IFEMA consolidates its position as the institution with the largest amount of international trade fairs in accordance with the Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, with 31, i.e. more than 35% of the total held in Spain, nearly 10 percentage points more than the next one, Barcelona.

In this context, as a result of IFEMA'S objective to internationalise its activity and boost Spanish companies' exports, it will allocate over 3 million euros in 2014 for campaigns to foster foreign buyers and promotions abroad. Additionally, IFEMA is devoting efforts to enabling companies to participate at its trade fairs by providing economic incentives; in the last four years, service prices and rates have fallen by up to 20%. This is due to IFEMA'S enormous financial capacity since it has zero debt and a very healthy balance sheet and it is the only exhibition centre in Spain that does not receive government subsidies or funds.

IFEMA reinforces its international prestige in congresses
Congresses and conventions will also be significant at IFEMA in 2014, whose growing international weighting have enabled Madrid to be fourth in the ICCA world congress ranking. In total, IFEMA will hold eight large world and European congresses, five of which will be in the medical scientific area which, together with two other large domestic congresses in the sector, will enable IFEMA to be one of the world's leaders in medical events.

These congresses will bring around 50,000 professionals from around the world (85% foreign) to Madrid, generating an average of 150,000 hotel stays in the city.

The following events are expected to take place in 2014: the World ATM (Air Traffic Management) Conference in March; the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) congress in April; the 24th EWMA (European Wound Management Association) congress in May; the EAS (European Atherosclerosis Society) congress in June; the WPA (World Psychiatric Association) congress in September; the ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) congress in September; the HUPO (Human Proteome Organization) congress in October; the IbSTT (Iberian Society for Trenchless Technology) in October and the following domestic events: the SEH-LELHA (Spanish Society of High Blood Pressure and League against High Blood Pressure) congress in March; and SECPAL (Spanish Society of Palliative Care) congress in November.

As a result of IFEMA'S growing capacity for managing large congress infrastructures and services, it has already confirmed ten other international congress for 2015, for which it has been chosen as the host, and will bring over 65,000 professional visitors to Madrid. Some of these will be new congresses for Madrid, which will join other large international events that also chose IFEMA in the previous year over other large competitors, such as the CPhI Worldwide (pharma industry) and the technology fairs such as SAP TechEd and Microsoft Teched Europe.

New format for the Madrid International Auto Show
In 2014, IFEMA will launch its new project for the Madrid Auto Show. This will be a firm commitment to a sector with large weighting in IFEMA'S trade fair portfolio and at a key moment in which Madrid is consolidating its position as this industry's target market, evidenced by the two Second-Hand Vehicle Shows in 2013 held in autumn, with excellent sales, and by the inclusion of a Professional Fleet Show in Madrid, completing the sector cycle represented at IFEMA.

The Madrid Auto Show will take place in May, which will be launched with a new eminently commercial logo aimed at dynamising sales, thus coinciding with the sector's objectives in these last few months of reactivating the new vehicle market.

This auto sector offering is rounded out every odd year with the International Equipment and Components for Vehicles Trade Show, Motortec Automechanika Madrid, which has a collaboration agreement with this industry's largest international fair organised by Messe Frankfurt and with FIAA, the International Bus and Coach Trade Fair, one of the sector's biggest trade shows, and TRAFIC, the International Road Safety and Equipment Exhibition.

Concentration of the consumer goods, construction, education and environmental sectors
In 2014, IFEMA'S trade fair concentration strategy, which began in 2013, will be consolidated by joining the various sectors in large events. This trend started with the fashion, footwear and accessories sectors, with the launch of the MOMAD METRÓPOLIS brand, a large event that has evolved the trade fair concept, focusing heavily on attracting international buyers, turning a profit on their attendance, generating synergy between the sectors and the professional interests and adapting to the global market trends.

In 2014, a further step will be taken in this strategy by coinciding MOMAD METRÓPOLIS (14-16 February) with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWM, 14-18 February), which will gather the main Spanish fashion agents (industrialists and designers) at the same type close to each other and expand the offering to professional buyers. This strategy will be rounded out permanently in September 2014 with the convergence of MOMAD METROPOLIS, the complete textile, footwear and accessories showcase of the Iberian Peninsula, with GIFTRENDS Madrid, the International Gift and Decoration, Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery Week, where these sectors are represented in general. This will enable professional Spanish and foreign buyers to attend the largest fashion and consumer goods showcase at this time in Spain.

In February, the education sector will also be regrouped into the Education Week and will become the industry's largest domestic event: AULA and the Special Professional Training Area, the 3rd Cycle Education Show, the POSTGRADUATE FORUM and the Education Resource Sector for INTERDIDAC, as well as the International Education Marketing Congress: Eduketing.

The construction and renovation sector are also being concentrated, joining the SCS (Sustainable Construction Solutions International Show) and VETECO (Window, Curtain Walls and Structural Glass Trade Show) under the same roof for efficiency, called the International Construction Week for Efficient Construction and Renovation (7-10 May), which will coincide with the Energy and Environment International Trade Fair, GENERA (6-8 May), providing professionals with an overall view and a unified offering that will generate business.

In the same line, there will be a new trade fair concentration in June, this time at the Sustainable Environmental Solutions Forum, which will include the TECMA (International Town Planning and Environment Trade Fair), SRR (Recycling and Recovery Trade Show) and EsClean (a new show devoted to cleaning and hygiene professionals).

All of this will provide a year focusing on international business, consolidating IFEMA's activity and attracting foreign professionals and buyers to the trade fairs: around 500 events, 75 trade fairs and 10 congresses are expected to take place in 2014, gathering over 32,000 companies and 2.8 million visitors.

Internationalisation will be consolidated with the new projects and markets
One of IFEMA'S main milestones in 2013 was the internationalisation of some of its signature trade fairs, by entering markets such as China and Chile. In 2014, this objective has become more ambitious, since the aim is entering new sectors, new trade fair developments and new markets. Additionally, IFEMA will consolidate its position this year as an international benchmark for trade fair knowledge, being the consultant for the main developing countries.

In 2014, IFEMA'S globalisation will be reinforced with the second edition of two emblematic trade fairs, MATELEC China in Shanghai ( 25-27 March) and SICUR Latinoamérica in Santiago, Chile (15-17 October), and with MATELEC WORLDWIDE'S global project, which will be extended to Asia, Europe and Latin America in 2015.

During the year, IFEMA's foreign activity will also include developing three new trade fair projects in collaboration with local operators: a property show in France, a franchise one in Chile and a second-hand car show in Italy, where IFEMA will provide its know-how and the trade fair models with proven success will seek internationalisation.

Additionally, IFEMA will soon enter another Latin American country, Peru, where it is organising the Ifema trade fair brand and the key sectors with potential development in Latin America. It is also collaborating with the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre (ADNEC), one of the leading trade fair operators in the UAE, to develop joint trade fair projects in the future.

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