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IFEMA redoubles its efforts to lead new developments designed to accelerate digital transformation in the trade fair sector

Through the IFEMA LAB FOUNDATION, IFEMA is driving the “Augmented Fair” project, the initial prototype of which was unveiled at FITUR 2018

One of the main objectives is to foster research and the development of new generation technologies for use in the fair sector

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G

Progress is being made with IFEMA’s great investment in technology, by means of which it is setting out to lead the development of new, avant-garde technologies for digital transformation of the international trade fair sector. In the wake of progress made with the IFEMA LAB 5G project - in collaboration with Telefónica (and the Talentum platform), Ericsson and Imdea Networks Institute - with the prototype “Augmented Fair” prototype, the IFEMA LAB Foundation’s new R&D laboratory has reactivated the project, whose main aims are to foster research and development into new generation technologies; promote knowledge and dissemination of techniques that aim to improve the productivity of public and private administration and organisation, and to assist with studies and research into methods and techniques that will increase productivity in the administrative area.

The IFEMA LAB Foundation Laboratory already has a team of university researchers who will work on the development of the Augmented Fair and to build a portfolio for IFEMA, which will focus on mixed reality, holographic devices and augmented reality.

In the coming months, this development, the first prototypes of which were unveiled in the framework of FITUR, will be oriented towards progressing with this technology and using it in the global context of trade fair activity. Different phases of research will be established, with regular updates released on progress made.  In this latest phase of investigation, through the IFEMA LAB FOUNDATION, alliances will be established with other partners to test technologies that will enable the move towards 5G solutions.

IFEMA LAB Foundation Activities

To achieve its aims, IFEMA LAB Foundation will use a wide range of tools in the technology field, such as the launching of its own R&D and funded activities to integrate and develop prototypes for testing and disseminating success stories using those technologies; generating trends in the fair sector by innovating in market processes and technology; generating trends in the trade fair sector through innovations in processes, markets and technology; developing commercial products based on successful prototypes aimed at innovation in the MICE sector, and attracting, training and managing talent through grants, training and seminars, among other actions to foster innovation and trade fair sector trends.


For more information:

Marta Cacho | IFEMA Communication and Press Manager | mcacho@ifema.es

www.ifema.es  @Feriademadrid


Caption: Clemente González Soler, chairman of the Executive Committee of IFEMA and Eduardo López-Puertas, general manager of IFEMA, with the team of university researchers that will work on the Augmented Fair project, at the IFEMA LAB Foundation laboratory




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