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The International Convention Center in Baja California Sur, Mexico, opens its doors

The complex, which has been restyled and refurbished, will enjoy the support of Actidea, with strategic consulting from IFEMA for its operation and maintenance.

Jaime de la Figuera, director for International Expansion at IFEMA was at the opening, which was attended by top representatives from the international meetings tourism industry.

Los Cabos boosts its tourism potential and positioning in the MICE sector with this modernised centre.

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Video of Los Cabos Inauguration: https://youtu.be/gsGV65b514c

The Los Cabos International Convention Center (ICC), Baja California Sur, Mexico, has reopened its doors to galvanise international meetings tourism and attract conferences, events and conventions. The centre paves the way for more intensive MICE activity, under the auspices of Mexican company Actidea in collaboration with the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid, IFEMA for consultancy and strategic and business assistance and as an international operator in attracting events.

In this new international project, IFEMA has contributed its experience and consultancy to get the newly renovated space, which has been inoperative for the last 6 years, up and running again.  Likewise, IFEMA has provided technical consultancy on the refurbishment of the complex and provision of services, the training procedures, and global business consulting. It will also be responsible for attracting international events to be held at the ICC.

Through an international public tender for the administration and operation of the Los Cabos and La Paz convention centres, the government of Baja California Sur (Mexico) has signed a long-term rental agreement, thereby ensuring the profitability of both sites. The Mexican firm Actidea decided to participate alongside the IFEMA consulting unit.

The rehabilitation of ICC Los Cabos and ICC La Paz will involve an investment approaching 30 million pesos (about 1.2 million euros), as José Miguel Fernández Romero, director of ICC Baja Sur, explained.

During the inauguration Jaime de la Figuera, IFEMA's Director for International Expansion, expressed "the satisfaction of seeing a project that represents a new challenge in its international scope of activity come to fruition, in a sector for congresses and meetings in which IFEMA has amassed a wealth of experience and a rising profile in the business and meetings tourism sector."

According to Mexico's Office of Tourism, Finance and Sustainability (Setues), the aim is to attract 10% more tourists in 2018, some 3,300,000 visitors, who would come for the events taking place in the complex. In this way, Baja California Sur is boosting its tourism potential and status in international meetings tourism by making good use of IFEMA's specialist experience in this field.


.About IFEMA

IFEMA is the trade fair institution in Madrid, Spain, with a portfolio of over 100 trade fairs and exhibition conferences annually. Since 2013, it has undergone an international expansion project which has led to work on international projects in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. In Santiago de Chile it holds four own-brand trade fairs, in addition to initiatives in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico. As well as these wide-ranging activities, IFEMA is now taking part in the strategy and business consultancy for the Los Cabos and La Paz Convention Centres in Baja California Sur.


.About Actidea

ACTIDEA is a group of professionals with over 20 years of individual experience, specialising in the conceptualisation, coordination and production of special events involving direct contact with the public, as well as political, diplomatic and commercial events at the highest level, and has had a major impact on their respective visitors, both domestic and international.


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