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Institución Ferial de Madrid and Fiera Rome are joining forces to organize the first Salone del Veicolo D'occasione

On 15 December in Rome, IFEMA and Fiera Roma presented their first joint project as organisers of the Salone del Veicolo D'occasione, the Italian version of one of Spain’s most successful shows (the VO Show), which will be held from 8 to 11 March in Rome, sponsored by ACI, Automobile Club d'Italia.

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G

IFEMA is internationalising one of the most successful events its portfolio, taking its trade fair model to Rome for an event which aspires to become, like its counterpart in Madrid, a leading business platform in the Italian quality and guaranteed semi-new vehicle market, offering new sales channels and a professional environment that serves as a guarantee and encourages sales. The new show was presented by representatives of the three entities involved: Angelo Sticchi-Damiani, President of the Automobile Club d'Italia; Pietro Piccinetti, sole administrator of Fiera of Rome; Santiago Quiroga, International Development Director at IFEMA, and Ana Sánchez-Terán, Head of International Projects of IFEMA.

This collaboration between IFEMA and FIERA ROMA to co-organise the Salone del Veicolo D'Occasione shows that IFEMA-Feria de Madrid is a great ally to launch of this venture. With 21 editions under its belt, VO Madrid is the leading fair on the national and European circuit of this segment both by exhibition area, and the number of vehicles on show, as well as sales made per visitor. This guarantees the success for this new project based on the experience and the IFEMA exhibition centre and the strength of a brand like ACI, that certifies the validity of the vehicle and its origin.

IFEMA is Spain’s leading trade fair operator, with a long history organising fairs in the automotive sector, with five exhibitions for different segments of this industry: new vehicles, used vehicles, buses and coaches, automotive components, road safety, and two-wheeled vehicles. One of its leading brands is the Second-Hand Vehicle Show, which is now gone international with this new project in Italy.

This collaboration with FIRA ROMA is part of IFEMA's international strategy to become a global operator, with projects in Latin America, Asia and Africa.




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