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IFEMA pioneers the use of geothermal energy in the trade fair sector

The geothermal power plant which has been built to control temperatures in the Feria de Madrid offices went live this week
The project, a component of the Corporate Responsibility programme, has made IFEMA a pioneer when it comes to investing in and promoting the use of renewable energies in the trade fair sector
The plant will allow energy savings of 81,000 kWh; reducing CO2 emissions by 200 tons per annum, and cutting €40,000 from the site’s yearly utility bills

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G

This week saw the commissioning of a new geothermal power plant, which will partly cover the climate control needs of the site’s main office building. Geothermia was selected to carry out this project, a component of the organisation's Corporate Responsibility policy, signifying IFEMA’s firm commitment to renewable energies, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, as a pioneer in the trade fair sector.
The project was built by Sacyr Industrial, and consisted of boring 40 geothermal probes to a depth of up to 150 metres. These have been connected to a new geothermal heat pump which provides 355 kW of thermal power and 305 kW of cold. The project involved combining the geothermal resource with the existing installation to create a plant which will work at maximum capacity almost continuously. This means it will be operational for around 7,500 hours per annum, in other words, 85% of the year.
Among the benefits of installing this system are electric energy savings of 81,000 kWh/year; a thermal energy saving (natural gas) of 707,000 kWh/year, and a reduction of primary energy 80 TEP (tons of oil equivalent).  It will also reduce annual CO2 emissions by up to 200 tons and savings of €40,000 a year on fuel bills.
Reducing environmental impact
This project one of the many improvements incorporated by IFEMA to its facilities management, to optimise its use of natural resources and boost energy efficiency. Every year, IFEMA welcomes about 3 million visitors and more than 30,000 companies, to which it offers optimal conditions to generate new business opportunities in a responsible and sustainable context, minimising the environmental impact of its services.
To achieve this, every year IFEMA includes projects in its budgets to achieve its environmental objectives, such as the work carried out to adapt its sanitary facilities in 2017 that will allow annual savings of more than 5,000 m³ of water; investments in LED lighting systems throughout the site; photovoltaic panels already in use, and recycling processes which manage 16.5 tonnes of metal, mainly steel, aluminium and copper, and more than 21 tons of paper every year. One of its most recent initiatives has been to replace its fleet of commercial vehicles with one-hundred-per-cent electric ecological units, not to forget the awareness-raising efforts of its trade fairs to promote the environment with specific activities on this theme.
This is how, IFEMA, which is highly conscious of its scope and influence, is helping to support the development of alternative energy, and to set an example to other institutions in its commitment to clean energies and the respect for the environment.

For more information:
Marta Cacho | Media Relations Officer | mcacho@ifema.es




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