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Production Functional Factory (PFF) is a SAS (Simplified Joint Stock Company) located in Béziers (South of France). The company was created in July 2012 around research and innovation to launch new products on the market. The company guidelines are: research, development, studies, advice, design, protection, adjustment, production and marketing of all innovative products.
The flagship project is Bimp’Air, a revolution in nomadic high-pressure compressed air. The current development and marketing of Bimp’Air is an innovative bicycle accessory.

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On our stand – 14C11 – we present Bimp’Air, a technical revolution in the field of inflation by miniaturizing of high pressure up to 50 bar and its nomadic accessibility.
This innovative bicycle accessory provides full autonomy, and is an all-in-one system to inflate tires, readjust forks and shock-absorbers and install tubeless in few seconds.
It consists of a high pressure capsule – BIMP’AIR CAPS.220 – up to 50 bar/725 psi, and a miniaturized high pressure system – BIMP’AIR HPS – to load it.

The rechargeable capsule is light (375 g) and neatly-proportioned, with attractive colors and sexy design. It contains 9.5 liters of compressed air and is rechargeable as many times as wanted thanks to the miniaturized compressor. The capsule is featured with a fill indicator, a relief valve and an integral gauge to check the pressure. It is ergonomic, easy to handle, made from high-quality materials that are both light and robust
Public price: 125€

Two options to recharge the capsule:

This kit (capsule & charging system) offers a resolutely innovative recharge through the bike’s energy convertor installed on the front wheel hub without any additional tool. The innovation consists by using the energy produced by the bike (just pedal 6 minutes at 15 km/h and you refill the capsule with compressed air!). It is 100% eco-friendly!
Public price: 299€

This kit (capsule & charging system) is fitted with an electric base operated by plugging into a cigarette lighter (12V) or into a power socket (230V – with additional adapter) to recharge the capsule in a few minutes. It has a charging indicator and stops automatically once the capsule is filled up to 50 bar.
Public price: 399€





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