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The IFEMA Lab Foundation presents its advances in physical-digital signage and localisation at DES2019

• The stand will exhibit one of the most accurate indoor localisation systems in the world designed for augmented reality, as well as an innovative smart digital signage and guidance solution providing great added value to the exhibition experience

• From 21 to 23 May, Digital Enterprise Show, DES2019, will take place in the halls of Feria de Madrid in collaboration with IFEMA, the largest European professional event on digital business transformation.

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The IFEMA Lab Foundation, IFEMA's big technological commitment to leading the development of cutting-edge advances at the forefront of digital transformation, will be present at DES, Digital Enterprise Show, on 21-23 May, to showcase its advances in localisation and physical-digital signage.

These are two innovative solutions aimed at mitigating the FOMO effect "Fear Of Missing Out, a modern-day psychological syndrome produced by the “fear of missing out” on the technological world. It is also associated with social media, and likewise influences the world of events and fairs, where many things happen that the user also wants to follow in real time.

Thus, under the concept "FOMO no more", the IFEMA Lab Foundation's DES stand will offer the possibility of experiencing indoor localisation on a 5-metre model projected in three-dimensionally and specially designed for augmented reality, which will demonstrate the accuracy of the localisation system using physical robots, sensors and holographic visors.

An explanation will also be given on this model of the work being undertaken by the IFEMA Lab with the aim of making progress in the development of the "Augmented Fair" project and building a portfolio of IFEMA intellectual property focused on lines of mixed reality and artificial intelligence.



The second solution that the IFEMA Lab stand will demonstrate is an innovative smart signage system, consisting of a set of cylindrical screens located on the roof of the hall, equipped with cameras and motorised laser beams that enable augmented reality to be used to show the most important events going on around the user in real time that they cannot see in their visual perspective. The objective of IFEMA Lab is to explore a formula of physical-digital signage and guidance that adds value to the exhibition experience, and that in the future could become a signage paradigm for other large spaces.


About the IFEMA Lab Foundation

The main goal of the IFEMA Lab R&D Foundation is to create transformative business models, detecting future opportunities ahead of time to turn IFEMA into an established leader in innovation. To be creators of disruptive models of the relationship between people and their environment that enable industries to revolutionise themselves and IFEMA to position itself as an influential actor in the transformation of society.

About DES2019

About DES | Digital Enterprise Show: DES | Digital Enterprise Show, in collaboration with IFEMA, is the biggest professional European event on digital business transformation, and one of the world leaders in the field. It offers company upper management the latest technological solutions and products to accompany major corporations, SMEs and European Public Administrations on the road to digital transformation. For 3 days, from 21 to 23 May, it combines technology and innovation with digital leadership, offering technological solutions to improve the customer and employee experience, optimisation of operational processes, and the identification of new business models, services and products for all industries.




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