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The professional response to CONSTRUTEC at ePower&Building has broken all the records of the last 10 years showing how far it has come and its potential for the years ahead

ePower & Building now consolidated as one of the main international gatherings for the building sector, with nearly 90,000 professionals, 24% more than at the previous fair

The event has turned Madrid into the world capital of sustainability, innovation and technology, where more than 1,600 companies exhibited their latest solutions for the entire life cycle of buildings

The extraordinary professional gathering at CONSTRUTEC exceeded all expectations, projecting its significant development potential for future years. The exhibition is organised by IFEMA and took place from 13 to 16 November at the Feria de Madrid within the framework of ePower&Building, an event that registered almost 90,000 professional participants, 24% more than at the previous fair in 2016, far exceeding prior expectations. A total of 15% of the visitors were international, coming mainly from the European Union, the Maghreb region and Ibero-America, especially Colombia and Morocco, the two countries invited on this occasion. The number of exhibiting companies exceeded 1,600, which represents an increase of 25% compared to the previous gathering.

Noticia Prensa IFEMA G

The exhibition occupied eight halls at the Feria de Madrid Exhibition Centre and revolved around the themes of sustainability, innovation and technology in construction. For the second consecutive fair, the event integrated all the sectors and areas related to the entire building process, this was a great success as it multiplied synergies and business opportunities.

Epower&Building 2018 hosted the 16th International Window, Façade and Solar Protection Exhibition, VETECO; the International Exhibition of Materials, Techniques and Construction Solutions, CONSTRUTEC; the International Exhibition for Stone Architecture, ARCHISTONE (formerly STONE Fair); the second-largest European Fair for BIM services, networking, knowledge and solutions, BIMEXPO; the 19th International Exhibition of Solutions for the Electrical and Electronic Industry, MATELEC, and MATELEC LIGHTING. The gathering once again coincided with the second International Industry and Smart Factory Solutions Exhibition, MATELEC INDUSTRY.
Wide ranging forums and seminars
In addition to gathering together the leading companies in the sector to exhibit their latest proposals, CONSTRUTEC 2018 brought together many experts and professionals in multiple forums and conferences, which analysed the future of the industry and the great challenges it has to face.

One of the events with the greatest impact was the presentation of the White Paper on Construction, in a seminar that took place within the framework of CONSTRUTEC. At the meeting, Juan Lazcano, president of the National Confederation of Construction, CNC, said that the sector is essential for the development of the country and noted that 80% of construction related to buildings. Meanwhile, Francisco Javier Martín, general director of Architecture, Housing and Land with the Ministry of Development, highlighted the great potential for improvement in the sector, since over 90% of the country's homes were built before the publication of the Technical Building Code. The White Paper was presented by Santos de Paz, a coordinator at the Better Buildings Cluster; and a round table was also held on the future and the challenges for urban construction, refurbishment and regeneration.

The Circular Economy was the subject of another seminar held within CONSTRUTEC, at which the experts highlighted its role in achieving a sustainable and efficient building industry. The meeting was organised by the Green Building Council España (GBCe) and took place within CONSTRUTEC ZERO, the new area at the fair for energy efficiency. As explained by Alfons Ventura, a member of the GBCe Working Group on the Circular Economy, at the moment "the construction and use of buildings in the European Union accounts for 40% of energy, 35% of CO2 emissions, 50% of resource consumption for the manufacture of materials and 30% of water consumption." And he proposed these figures be optimised in the future through the circular economy, "starting from a building based on eco-design and thinking of systems that facilitate the dismantling and subsequent reuse of materials, as well as by enhancing the rehabilitation of the site already built on and increasing the degree of waste recycling".

The CONSTRUTEC Forum also hosted a new National Forum on Rehabilitation, Efficiency and Sustainability. These forums have now been held on more than twenty occasions and have become a reference in promoting the rehabilitation and refurbishment sector throughout Spain, with support from public administration at all levels (national, regional and local). It was a place for debate on the latest initiatives, as well as future ones to promote the sector, and current issues were dealt with in relation to grants and subsidies, new features of the State Housing Plan, regulations, etc. As usual, Successful Cases of Efficient Rehabilitation by the companies participating on the ANERR Circuit will be provided.

For its part, the International Exhibition for Architecture in Stone, ARCHISTONE 2018, also hosted a meeting at the CONSTRUTEC Forum between managers from various companies in which they discussed the current and future trends in the market, innovation and the challenges the sector faces. The symposium, organised by the digital newspaper Focus Piedra, featured Andreas Manero, marketing manager with Neolith; Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino Ramos, commercial director for Spain and Portugal at the Cosentino Group; Eduardo Mera, managing director of Cupa Pizarras, and José Ángel Lorenzo, manager with the Granito Cluster, reflecting at different levels on the trends which are dictating the demand for materials, the main challenges in the field of innovation, as well as the keys for success and the challenges and opportunities that companies face today. All the guests made a brief presentation on the main theme, and then participated in a symposium moderated by the editor of the Focus Piedra newspaper, Marisa Carrio.

The BIMEXPO Bim Forum was very well received. The meetings held at the forum included "BIM, a priority for Public Administrations", and "BIM: Contracts, Intellectual property and responsibilities", among others.

A wide range of awards and recognitions

ePower&Building 2018 recognised the achievements of a large number of architects. During the holding of the event a series of awards were presented that, besides recognising such achievements, gave visibility to the professionals involved in the sector. The awards included the 2nd Architecture with an Eñe Awards, the Architect of the Year Award 2018, the Sustainable Architecture Award, the 1st National ITESAL Architecture Award and the "59 Minutes of Architectural Ideas" Awards.

The objective of the 2nd Architecture with an Eñe Awards was to give visibility and recognition to the professionals involved in the sector, putting the focus on sustainability, innovation and technology. The award ceremony was held in the space called LA PLAZA and the jury comprised architects and professionals of recognised prestige, both in the professional and academic fields.

The winners were PAREDES PEDROSA ARQUITECTOS, which won the award for Best Window Project in the VETECO-ASEFAVE Awards; the award for Façade went to IDOM and the award for Solar Protection to ARQUITECTOS AYALA. In LIGHTS IN ARCHITECTURE, the winner of the Best Public Space Project was Sergio Sebastián Franco, and the Best Building Project went to ABALO ALONSO ARQUITECTOS. RVR-ARQUITECTOS won the Best Public Space Project Award at the ARQUITECTURA S+ Awards; and COLL-LECLERC ARQUITECTOS SLP, the Best Building Project. And in PIEDRAS DE ARTE, the prize for the Best Public Space Project went to Pedro Rodríguez Cantalapiedra and the Best Project Building to TEDA ARQUITECTOS.

Likewise, the Mapei Award for Sustainable Architecture was held for the second year, it is an initiative that recognises professionals who promote sustainable projects and highlights the good practices that contribute to the evolution of construction. The Joint Housing Project and Temporary Lodging by Coll Leclerc won first prize; while the project Life Reusing Posidonia and the Norvento Enerxia Innovation Centre took the second and third prize, respectively. The awards ceremony was held in La Plaza.

Exhibitors' assessments

The exhibitors were very positive in their assessment of their participation in CONSTRUTEC, BIMEXPO and ARCHISTONE as the following testimonies show:
José Machado, commercial director with INDUSTRIAL RECENSE: "CONSTRUTEC 2018 closed with a significant increase in the number of visitors compared to the previous one. This new air of optimism coming from the sector, and it could be experienced during the Fair, has been the key so that from RECENSE we value our presence very positively. The presentation of the new fixing system for GRC façade panels was welcomed by professionals in the sector as a very good solution. We had a greater number of contacts than in 2016, we saw a greater number of professional visitors and we have been able to meet potential new suppliers. The international character has also been reflected in these contacts."

Maria Marin Romano, partner director at AIRLITE: "it was our official introduction to Spain and CONSTRUTEC was an excellent showcase to publicise the innovative properties of Airlite. We have made many contacts and some are already beginning to translate into orders. We had the opportunity to use a device/model brought directly from Italy to perform live demonstrations on the properties of Airlite in relation to eliminating air pollution (NOx)."
José María García Carrasco, marketing manager with BMI for Spain and Portugal, points out that "here at BMI we are fully satisfied with the results of BIMEXPO. More than 2,000 people visited our main stand and they were interested in our solutions for flat and sloping roofs. Our new Tectum Pro systems for sloping roofs and BMI Everguard for flat roofs really caught the attention of the people who visited us. For us, this fair was the best environment to raise awareness of the new BMI brand in our market. We especially appreciate the high quality of those attending this fair. We will certainly repeat on future occasions."

Carolina Alonso, marketing director at SIKA: "We had over 1000 visits and both the demonstrations and the robot that was moving the 3 x 1.50 m LED screen attracted the public to the stand, which received the award for the best design at CONSTRUTEC, a prize that was presented to us during the 'Architecture with an Ñ' awards."

Hispalyt and Muralit: "The reactivation of the sector became evident at the fair, with a considerable increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors. On the other hand, the evolution of the construction sector towards energy efficiency, sustainability and industrialisation was also noted, trends to which the structural ceramic sector has contributed various innovations. Hispalyt and Muralit offered advice and technical documentation on their new ceramic construction solutions, as well as organising the BIM-Hispalyt Contest for modelling in Revit, several technical conferences, as well as the Hispalyt Ceramic Forum Awards for 2017/2018. During the Fair, Hispalyt also participated in initiatives such as the Passion event on profiles and the presentation of the White Paper on Construction."

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